The Talk with #AlexOLoughlin 9/27/13 *adorbs*

Thanks to AlexOsPlace for the upload!!

18 thoughts on “The Talk with #AlexOLoughlin 9/27/13 *adorbs*

      • And the Q&A they annouced for end of the month. At least I think it was end of the month. And did I tell you recently that I’m dead? More than dead? If it progresses the way it is, we’re all ghosts wandering around, me at least. *and another THUD* Where’s my shovel?

        • We are here to support you no matter what, so carrying on of the great work that all are doing, because it’s been a wild but amazing trip on the rollercoaster.

          • Thank you! {{hugs}} Is there a roller coaster smiley available? 😉

            I think now it’s my turn to thank you all for being such a great group of fangirls around here and letting me be a part of it. This weekend is going to be exhausting, but with you all it will be the biggest fun. 🙂 And ESS, you ARE the bestest! 😉

  1. This adorable human being put a smile on my face with his genuine way of talking and be.

    The interviews are always too shorts for me because i want hearing Alex talk more, but it was great watching him do it.

  2. OMG! I love that woman on the end (left hand side)! Who is she? She’s awesome!

    That is one cute babyeee!

    Also Australia is not that dangerous. A dingo is not going to come into your house in the suburbs and kill you. Lol. Nice one Alex.

    • But it would break in to eat your BayBee, right? 😉

      He’s such a cutie in interviews… THIS is why we’ve all been screeching for him to do more interviews. Bless him for doing something he does not enjoy, because we DO enjoy it. And we learned new stuff, no? He grew up partly in the Bush and has family there. Lion was a busy baby… tho that is no surprise. And daddy was a pushover. Even less surprise. 😀

      And he’s cracking me up in these interviews talking about McG and his pickles… 😆

      • YES LOL! McG and pickles are now synonymous to me. haha!!

        He’s the perfect man to do the publicity. He’s grateful, gracious, genuine and funny. He puts the interviewer at ease. So Alex is comfortable sitting at a table full of opinionated women. Who knew. 😉 I’m betting they’re just his type. lol.

        • LOL!! I notice that too.. watch all these interview and McG and pickles are together.

          Love the Talk interview!! Love the Lion pictures. Love that Lei thingy with Sheryl Underwood, does Alex look embarrassed a bit!!

    • Yeah but did you know to life the rock in the direction he said?? lol!!

      Yes, she was awesome and you can tell she love the show…and McRoll so she is automatically A+ in my book. lol!

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