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@H50BAMF aka “ESS” – I first started watching H50 because I loved Hawaii. Sure, the people were pretty and the stories were fun.  I was a pretty loyal viewer, I had my problems with the show but kept being drawn back in by the Ohana moments.  These people loved each other and I loved them.

Then one day I saw a Public Service Announcement commercial starring Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and Alex O’Loughlin….holy hell, McGarrett is Australian???  I immediately went to Google Search and well, that’s when it all changed.  Sure, I knew he was good looking, but it wasn’t until I saw the humor, the personality behind the face that I fell…and boy I fell hard!

I discovered he was in several movies/tv shows that I watched or had on my ‘must see’ list.  But the biggest shock was that I found out he played Vincent, the reluctant serial killer on Criminal Minds episode “The Big Wheel”.  Having been a Criminal Minds watcher from Day 1, that episode always stayed with me…it haunted me in the best way possible.  What a thrill to find out this was Alex!! He’s so much more than a pretty face. This man is talented!

I found an online Ohana at H50 Sardonic. Through their encouragement and friendship, H50BAMF was born.

Statements made here are opinions only. I have no contact with Alex or his people. I won’t post private pics of his family or GF’s unless they’re at a public function or released directly by him. I’ve the utmost respect for Alex and do my best to honor his desire for privacy. Everything posted on this site is meant in good humor and I believe he himself could have a good laugh over any post… before calling the cops and asking for a restraining order. HA! (j/k)

Photo credits are given where known. If I have used a photo of yours that you do not wish to have displayed, please contact me at the email below and I will happily remove it.

All views are welcome here, but they must be stated with respect. No disrespect to any of the actors, their fans or their families will be welcome.

Contact me at five0bamf@hotmail.com or on twitter at @H50BAMF


It is an honor and privilege to introduce the following friends as Editors to the H50BAMF family:

@Kimphin1  (Kimmer) – Prior to H50 I had never heard of Alex O’Loughlin. I decided to watch H50 because I needed something to replace LOST, and I had read that Daniel Dae Kim was in it, so I figured I would give it a try. I actually missed the first 10 minutes of the Pilot, but when I finally tuned in, it was when McGarrett was getting ready to land in Hawaii. Forget LOST, after seeing Alex in dress blues, *I* was lost.

I immediately got on the computer to check out this wildly attractive person on IMDB (my own personal bible), and after reading all that I could find about him, I was done. Cooked. Fini. September 20, 2010. The day Kimmer started her very first EVER celebrity crush. I’m pretty proud of myself for holding out for someone who seems to be very down-to-earth, funny, caring, and all-around normal – but normal in the most amazing way. I admire and appreciate Alex for whatever he wishes to put out into the public. I respect his privacy and the fact that he is a real person who is just doing his job.

Since then, obviously, I have seen most of Alex’s work. I love The Oyster Farmer for its sweetness (after being told by ESS REPEATEDLY that I HAD TO WATCH it… she was correct. I learned to never question ESS, just do as she says and you will not be disappointed! Ha!), but in my heart, I love Hawaii Five-0 the best, because … well… you never forget your *first* 😉

@Steph_Jane2 – aka @H50JunkDrawer has been an H50 fan from Day 1!  The show and it’s online Ohana inspired her creativity and her drawing, writing and other projects can be found at stephaniejane2.wordpress.com.  She is thrilled to be a public contributor, behind-the-scenes assistant editor and prolific commenter at H50BAMF.

@ItIsSabrina – Alex O’Loughlin lover, beach, music, photography, quotes, good food, making graphics, Hawaii Five O FORMERLY sabrinanthesand

19 thoughts on “About H50BAMF

  1. I love it here, so much!! I’m from switzerland and english isn’t my first language but I spent some time in Santa Monica (CA) so I try to keep up with all of your writing 😉 ! Because we don’t have a television at home I’ve come across Alex and H5O during my summer holidays 2012 spent at my mothers home! I liked the action and Alex (my son the big guns 😉 ) so back home with bought the DVD collections.
    @Kimphin1: It was just that scene when McG lands in Hawaii, your words “when I finally tuned in, it was when McGarrett was getting ready to land in Hawaii.” His marvellous gorgeous dreamy blue eyes captivated me immediately 😉 I was doomed ! I used to watch JAG I loved it very much, but now my heart is with H5O!
    Thank you all for your excellent work !

    • Buttercup – I just saw this post – Yes, we seem to share the same “moment” of falling for Alex!

      Thanks for being a frequent visitor to H50BAMF!

  2. Through H50 and Alex I found a great group of people on H50 Sardonic. Then one day a very special person *ESS* walked me through setting up my twitter account, she was the first person I followed and because of her love of Alex and great respect for him and his family and for his fans, I will always follow her wherever she leads us.. I also met 2 other special people, Kimmer and Steph on H50 Sardonic. Sabrina, I met on twitter and she is one of my closet friends there. 4 talented people who I respect so very much. I for one would be lost without my daily doses of H50BAMF. Thank you for giving of your time and talent for Alex fans, you are all very special people. 🙂

  3. I too have only known Alex since H50. I’m no spring chicken but he has touched me deeply. Never before have I had a celebrity “crush”. Used to get my Alex fixes and news from AOLRocks and was devastated when it closed, but I needn’t have worried cos you lovely people have more than made up for that. Love your comments and ethics, Most of all love what you give out to all us avid Alex fans. Thank you so much for all your efforts, you have no idea how important they are to people like me who can’t get enough of this gorgeous man.

  4. I’m with Welshgirl — I used to get my “Alex” fix from AOLRocks and was also devastated when it closed. I was totally psyched when I stumbled across H50BAMF — all Alex, all the time. I would safely say that I’m obsessed with Alex O’Loughlin and Hawaii Five-0 and totally enjoy all that you guys do to keep us, his devoted fans, in the loop. I look forward daily to your updates, your photos . . . everything!! Keep up the great work girls!!

  5. ESS — I tend to be more of a “silent” fan . . . reading/devouring every fan sight, every fan fiction, etc. . . . but I’ll try to jump in every now and then!!

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