H50 S4 kicks off as #AlexOLoughlin and co get H50 trending on twitter

Daniel Dae Kim and Peter Lenkov helped Alex pop his twitter cherry tonight and hell froze over as Alex actually spent an hour tweeting.  As expected he was delightfully funny and played right along to make it a night to remember.  On a side note, I need to rewatch the episode now because he distracted me with his shirtless tweeting.. Hey, he worked hard on those new abs, he needs to show them off and it would be rude not to show our appreciation. #justsayin

I screencapped Alex’s tweets for you to see how funny he was. Some may be a little hard to get since I didn’t copy the previous conversation but you’ll get the idea. Funny stuff!!  He tweeted under @HawaiiFive0CBS

Favorite tweet:  “Scott just looked at my tits!”


39 thoughts on “H50 S4 kicks off as #AlexOLoughlin and co get H50 trending on twitter

  1. There were 2 shots of him with his hand on the computer. One he is holding 2 phones (above) and the other holding only one!

  2. Now I know I need a twitter account for the S5 premiere……..Alex dresses like Steve but behaving like himself…unff….I love the relaxing seated pose with the relaxed but happy FOY!!!!. he was madly happy and hilarious,…..red, sweaty chest caused by the adrenalin bloodstream… unnff..he was so excited!!!!. …..the only device he didn’t use was the horn, lol!…..I guess, it’s gonna be difficult to sleep again tonight but now I don’t expect how is gonna be S4, now I’m totally sure it’s gonna be marvelous.
    TY ESS !

  3. Extremely cool and thoughtful for you to do this, ESS. *big hugs*

    I was out last night and missed Show and the tweets and ET and the whole shebang… but the FIRST thing I did when I got home was check out Alex’s temporary TL. Once in a lifetime event, perhaps, so no way I was going to bed before reading our CutiePie’s tweets! And as always, he did not disappoint. He was hilarious, irreverent, insightful, and self-revealing. He tweeted he wouldn’t do this routinely and I think we all owe him great thanks for overcoming his natural (and warranted) reticence towards this medium and spending this time with his fans. Big surprise, he does this well too. He must suck at something, but it’s hard to figure what that is… 😀

    • We were out too but i told hubs, we have to be home by 9 and he likes H50 so he complied. Good for him. 🙂

      I wasn’t going to look at the tweet thing because the last time they “tweeted” it was pre-written, “hey it’s xxx here” all blah blah but this was truly cool. So happy he did this, Alex has been killing it this year on publicity and the fans of H50, not just Alex.. should be thankful.

      • Agreed. He’s shouldering most of the load for all of them. He didn’t just tweet last nite. His was a full-on publicity campaign, with shirtlessness, dancing, goofing, &a few personal confessions. Several of the others tweet, but they don’t work as hard as he did in that one amazing hour. I hope he is resting today! Maybe curled up with little Lion taking a nap… 😉

        • Agreed! He says he does everything with his whole heart and he did. He made that 1 hour worth being distracted from the show. From his silly goofy pics (imagine you’re peter or DDK and Alex goes,”I’m going to take my shirt off put it on my head and do goofy things. take my pic!!!”. Then he tells us his Hawaiian name and personal little tidbits like that.

          He’s a class act…even if it’s done shirtless with a goofy face.

  4. I read Alex’s tweets this morning, because I can’t watch Twitter and H50 at the same time. Yeah, I know I’m old.

  5. Thank you Ess for this post.

    Despite his resistance to twitter, Alex did a impressive job on premiere of season 4 Hawaii Five-0. He was funny, irreverent, honest and grateful. His sense of humor tell us what a man he is. And the pics are a awesome bonus.
    We hope his thumbs will recover quickly and when this event happen again, Alex will want to participate again and give us once more his best.

  6. If Alex tweeted on a regular basis, the man would know no peace at all! I’m glad he shared an hour of his time with us. Like he said, without you, there is no us. I’m more in love with him than ever!!

  7. Thanks for this! I don’t tweet much myself and follow only a little, but I didn’t even know this was happening–what a treat! I would have also had a hard time watching both twitter and the show, so glad I saw this in the am. Made me smile and that was nice since I’m person number 3 at our house with the back-to-school cold:(

    Anyway, he is just amazing! I was looking at the photos of the well-dressed daper man at press day and then going thru the tweets…my stars! What a card! A man of many facets and I’m sure a great guy to know! Thought the show was pretty good, too! Can’t wait for more! Thanks for all of the great stuff lately! I don’t know how you do it all?! But your work is appreciated!

    • ASF, they announced this very late in the day yesterday and I didn’t get to announce it on here….so I guess I don’t get it “all”. 😉 between the girls and I, we try though. At least to bring you the good stuff..

  8. i was following Peter Lenkov and looking at the pics of Alex what a character. Just read his tweets today. He’s such a natural but still believe he won’t open an account.

  9. Watching the premier, tweeting and keeping up with his tweets just about did me in – even my usual uber multitasking abilities failed. His replying to one of my tweets finished me off! I hope they do more AOL live tweets, he is so freaking funny (big surprise? NO)!

    • He did?? which one was it!! I don’t think I realized you were on twitter. Who are you and whats your name?? lol. He replied to ItIsSabrina’s tweet too. It was a good night for us ladies here! *cough*

    • I didn’t really have anything to ask him.. I did tell him after he helped that dude out of the courthouse that his shirt was dirty again and needed to change. 😉

      #shallow thank god i had better questions prepared for the Q&A.

  10. LOL – my twitter is Kscofield2, (I have no idea why i have a different online name, just always used Duff). Didn’t ask a question (way too shy for that!) but replied to one of my (many) tweets about the show – a Chi comment to boot!! sqquuuueeeeeee

    • OK! D’oh!!! I did not know that was you!! I have a feeling that’s probably the case with a few more on here but anyway…awesome now I can put you in my “inner circle” which I do for all my girls on here so I can follow your tweets when I’m online. Which unfortunately (or fortunately) is a lot less now that things are so busy here. I’d rather be here with y’all then out “there” with them.. *hugs*

      Also, your comment got his statement about going after “his girl”. I LOVE YOU!!!

      • No reason you would know these two names are related lol – can’t believe it didn’t occur to me before to connect them, but here we are anyway! YAY I’m in the inner circle! I hear ya about being online less too, I am sporadic lately (RL and avoiding certain dramas…)

        So happy he put “his girl” out there 🙂

        • Definitely avoiding the dramas! I don’t want to read about it, I’m not supporting the sites that are stirring it up and and I don’t want it brought here. If it means we lose followers, so be it. This is, and will remain a safe place for those that want to ENJOY Alex and the show.

          You just have to put up with a wee bit of me fangirling over Chi. 😉

  11. I know I am in the minority, but I kinda hope he doesn’t get a twitter account – I would have NO life, my job would become stalking his twitter acct. I am happy with the episode live tweeting, if they can talk him into it again (hopefully we didn’t all scare him to death!!!)

    • Yeah, I’d love to read his tweets but no, I’d rather it be sporadic like this. So I can live. Though I’d laugh my butt off at the ones tweeting him every hour to get his attention. 😉

  12. I read the whole time Tweeting, but he didn’t answer my Tweet, but it was nice to read, I had to wait three hours after they finished Tweeting. It was great to read!! 🙂

  13. Alex is very funny and goofy, would love to hang out with him! LOL he is funny. And we must thank him for taking his shirt off! As we ladies throw ourselves at the screen! LOL Ahhhhhh. YUMMY!

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