HQ #AlexOLoughlin from 9/23/13 Press Day ***Warning***

I can’t. I have no words. They’re all gone. Can someone help me?

**Make sure you click on the full resolution option (after you sit on the floor)** safety first.

BIG MAHALO to @MyMaximus for being the most awesome on a day full of awesome!!



17 thoughts on “HQ #AlexOLoughlin from 9/23/13 Press Day ***Warning***

  1. Thanks for the warning first, I clicked on this email on my phone while walking and ran into an xray machine. It was worth the pain! Am I seeing starts from the photos or my bump? Who knows but I’ll take another one please!!!

  2. I’m sorry Ess for not helping you much but in these more a less 24 hours, we are having so great, awesome pics and videos that the words are failing.

    Handsome, genuine, gorgeous, real, ……………..

  3. “(after you sit on the floor)** safety first” : bwah!!!… but so true!
    No Ess, we can’t help you because we are all dead : “too much pretty” is a killer.
    Now I realize my only goal in life is to be … a chair!

  4. Oooh, baby!

    Regarding his fine suit at the premier, Honolulu Pulse said it was Burberry!!!! Yes, Burberry McGarrett!!!

  5. Catching up here and OMG. And I can’t be dead b/c if I was in heaven, he wouldn’t be wearing clothes… Thx for these great pics and #1 is my fave too. xo

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