Alex is No Tortured Artist

The feedback was so generous and wonderful for this post, I decided to make the text it’s own page.  You will find the original post HERE. along with comments.

Alex O’Loughlin is no Tortured Artist #h50

When you’re happy by nature, its contagious.

Every time I see a new rash of interviews or events, I always come away with “feelings”.  You see, for me it’s hard to support someone’s work when I don’t like them as human beings.  Granted, most of us don’t really KNOW these people, but you keep your eyes and ears open enough, you get a pretty good idea of their general worth.  After this whole recent bullshit dust up about him being ungrateful to his fans because of a poorly timed/worded/edited statement, it made me reflect on the actor that I’ve grown to love and appreciate over the past couple years.

This is what I see:

~He doesn’t take himself so seeeeeriously! He’s just an actor. He has a job to do.  He does it with enthusiasm and gratiousness and then he goes home.

~He values his private life and the privacy of his loved ones. In this day and age of reality TV stars and social media, that’s increasingly rare. Social media is powerful and it could make him a household name if he played it right. Yet, he values just being “Alex”.

~While he’s charitable and supports several causes, his big cause is his own family.  Too often celebrities spend their time taking care of others while their own family falls apart. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong at all about doing charity work…celebrities really need to put that face forward.  But it does you no good to try and save the world when you can’t take care of what’s your own.  I like that he gets that.  Don’t spend so much time saving the neighborhood while your own house is on fire.

~He’s self-admittedly not perfect and we all know he took a really big ‘fall’ this year BUT he got up with grace and honor and that’s the most inspiring of all.  The falling down doesn’t matter, it’s the getting back up and fighting that counts. It’s hard to even imagine what he went through before asking for help. He’s always said he was a fighter and he proved he’s as good as his word.  Good for you, Alex.

~He compliments others freely and genuinely, even though he gets little in return. This is really something I admire so greatly and it really hit me watching the S1 H50 DVD.  He really is good at singing the praises of his co-workers, actors, directors, minor actors, set people, etc.

~He can be honest without being ‘brutal’.  There is no weakness in speaking honestly but tactfully.  There is more strength in building up than tearing down.  I wish more people got this.  Respect is sexy.

~He’s open and friendly with fans at all times. Not just when he has something to promote.  Just ask any of the fans who have run into him this summer.

~He’s often written off as just a pretty face by nameless myopic critics who refuse to look past the obvious.  Yet you will never hear him use the “poor me, I suffer for my art” card.  Instead you’ll find him giving 150% on a daily basis, with a smile on his face, genuinely grateful for the success that he has and making millions of his fans happy.

My final thoughts on this is that nice guys may never come in first, but I don’t believe they finish last either.  Somewhere in the middle is our Alex O’Loughlin: hard working, grateful actor, devoted father and son, all around decent human being.

In my opinion, there is no greater compliment than that.

20 thoughts on “Alex is No Tortured Artist

  1. hi there I just read this article and comments on Alex OL. I can and do agree with what you say; it seems reality, plus he acts normally when with fans. For the blessing on season 3, he really was appreciating all the chance to be there doing his job; This is rare and precious. I can find this kind of attitude only with few actors : R Dean Anderson, Amanda tapping, JR Bourne, are among this kind of people. they are hearts and souls.

    • Such beautiful thoughts! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Alex seems to ‘get it’ on a level that many actors don’t. He gets what his job is, what success is and how to treat your fans and co-workers. I loved watching him at the Season 3 blessing. To see his happy, grateful face is rewarding as a fan. Knowing that he’s really happy doing all of it helps me enjoy it that much more.

  2. What a lovely and well written post – I totally agree! As an Aussie I’ve always been proud of the man he is. Yes, he’s very handsome but even more important to me is he just seems like a great guy.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts and comment!

      As an american I am thankful to the Aussies for producing this fine man. As in the man with the good values, hard work ethic and wonderful sense of humor and gratefulness.

  3. ESS I just read this and cannot believe more people have not read and commented on it. It is a well thought out and beautiful tribute to Alex Not at all “over the top” but sincere and heartfelt. I wish Alex could read it. Hewould probably blush a bit but also get the cheeky grin he gets sometimes when something pleases him/ Having talked to him and got a couple of Lovely hugs I can assure your assement of him seems”Spot ON’ Our Alex is one in a million. A “Star” worthy of the name!!! Thank you for talking the time to write and post this “Hug in words” for Alex

    • Up at the top is a link to the original post that has many more beautiful and thoughtful comments. This topic is just so close to my heart I wanted to everyone to have quick access and make sure it doesn’t get buried as time goes by so I made it a page of it’s own. 🙂

      I’m happy you read it and enjoyed it. Maybe one day he will read it. 🙂 I would be beyond happy.

  4. I was so glad to find this posting. Since alexoloughlinrocks closed, I was frantic to find other fans like me. You are absolutely
    right about him, he is extraordinary in all phases, family man, actor, friend. A day without seeing him in some form, online,
    dvd or dvr would not be a good day. Thanks

  5. Thank you for voicing my thoughts so well. McGarrett is a “character”. Alex is a man I admire. One of my favorite things about him is that he appears to be very open and warm and seems to really embrace the people around him.

  6. I have to say it. I’ve been into internet and TV world too long, there had been shows, films and actors I had love but that sooner or later ended up disappointing me one way or another. With H50 and Alex O’loughlin it’s not the case. Since the very first episode of the show I fell in love with it. It’s different, refreshing from what we’re used to. I was tired of the typical crime-procedure type of show. But I was even more excited when I saw this great actor AOL on it. The more I read abt him the more I feel enchanted by him. I haven’t being able to find a single thing to make me regret become a proud fan of him and his show. Actually everytime I get online find more interesting facts that make me be more attached to Hawaii Five-0 and Alex. Of course that also to all the amazing team behind it, both Cast & Crew.But being him the key here, I feel free to add that, for unbelievable it might sounds, it wasn’t his hot body the first thing I appreciated of him but his way of being with the ppl around him, his being behind cameras. I still remember the first time I saw his work on The incredible Journey of Mary Bryant. I was too young to even understand it, but I liked it. I wouldn’t imagine how few years later I would see that same actor that captivated me back then, turned in the shining fan-empathic star he is now. The same one from those great YouTube vids, where fans around the world ask him autographs and his humble answer is “I feel like I’m signing a check”. This kind of actor is the one I like and follow, and I have to mention my list is really small, bc few ppl are actually good enough for me to spend my time into ’em and their work, but Alex O is definitely on it. =)

    • Very well stated, Zia! I agree, Alex is worth my time. He’s not perfect but he’s real and I find that wonderfully refreshing. 🙂 I also fell for his personality. When I first started watching show I thought, “oh ok he’s the good looking one”, i mean, I wasn’t blind. LOL!! but I didn’t become a “FAN”, until I discovered the man behind the face. What a treat. ❤

  7. It’s no secret that I am (just a little bit) in love with Mcgarrett, but since joining Twitter and meeting other Alex and H50 fans I am starting to learn about and appreciate Alex as a person and actor. So Thank you for taking the time to share with other fans what an incredible person Alex is, it’s thanks to you and some other wonderful people out there that I am not only someone who adores Steve but I’m becoming a fan of the man behind him, Alex.
    That last paragraph you wrote is kinda beautiful too. There really isn’t no greater compliment. :0)

    • Thank sweetie! Alex IS special and I think many of his special fans are followers here. He’s not perfect, but he’s a good soul. I’m happy you found us and are discovering him too.

      That last paragraph, I mean every word of it! ❤

  8. ESS,

    I think I’ve read this post a couple of time and I have to say that I agree with you 100% and then some. I really agree with you with regards to how friendly he is with fans. No, I have not met him but I did take the time to write a letter, send something to be signed and well it was returned signed by Alex, Scott and Daniel. Why is that a big deal for me? As I have been collecting some autographs (for fun…no ebay here) I discovered that there are some actors who –

    1. Have someone else sign for them
    2. Have a machine sign (autopen)
    3. Send something stamped with a signature
    4. Throw away what you sign or just send it back unsigned. Sometimes a note is included stating that the actor is “too busy”

    My thoughts on those actors? Oh well, if you’re too busy to sign something then I’m too busy to go see your movie, turn on the tv, etc. I don’t expect them to be my best friend or anything like that but I hope that if I take the time to send a note and I show I’m very patient, perhaps they will send back what I sent even if it takes a year (and I’ve waited that long…I don’t mind at all)

    I’ve always had what I think are reasonable hopes (if I say expectations it might be taken wrong) and well Alex and the cast of H50 surpassed things for me. I was willing to wait 6 months and yet I got things back in a month. To say I was surprised would be an understatement.

    But then again , I think that’s what makes Alex someone that I would always support as an actor. He’s happy, a joy to watch on the screen, generous, and yet somewhere in there, I see him as a regular guy of sorts; a good looking regular guy (I’m not blind LOL!) but let’s just say he’s put the fun back in Fridays for me!


  9. Dear Ess, as some of you already know, I had a chance to meet this awesome man and I have to say all your kind words are correct. he is down to earth. Family first, fan friendly and an overall a good guy. Lucky he looks as great as he sounds too 🙂

    • Annemieke, it is always great to hear our assumptions are correct. For every person that meets him and confirms what the last one has said, it makes it all the more real.

      ACA, his looks, as great as they are, are just the icing on the cake. 🙂

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