More Goodies from the #HawaiiFive0 Toy GiveAway #AlexOLoughlin

Alex and the School’s Principal

THanks to Kimikai12  for sharing on Instagram


next up, a collage and a pic shared by @PLenkov on twitter.

I read that the cast and crew raised over $23,000 for the toy giveaway!

PLenkovtwitter_ToyGiveaway_Alex PLenkovtwitter_ToyGiveaway_Collage

and last, a pic from the Honolulu Community Action Program FB


6 thoughts on “More Goodies from the #HawaiiFive0 Toy GiveAway #AlexOLoughlin

  1. TV shows come and they go but this show , the cast and crew will be remembered for more than just a tv show it’s the giving back, the caring and lives this show has touched that will be their legacy. The joy on not only the children’s faces when they received the toys but the joy on the faces of Peter, Alex, Taylor with the kid is priceless. So many reasons to be a proud fan of H50 but this has to be #1 IMO 🙂

  2. yes Wanda, as Alex said at the SOTB of season 4, the show provides economic incomes for many families in Hawaii and they are TV stars and producers committed with the community where they live and also outside the USA as we could see for the natural disaster in Philippines…….we will find more and more reasons to love, admire, adore and be proud of being a H50fan and an AOLover ❤

  3. Proud to be a fan! It’s gestures like this that full my heart, put a smile in my face and i know that the H50 cast and crew are happy for accomplish the wishes of this children.

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