Mahalo to @PLenkov & fans for sharing their pics from Friday’s #H50 3rd Annual Toy Drive #AlexOLoughlin

Can we really see too many of these? I don’t think so!

What beautiful smiles.

Admit it, you’re smiling too 🙂


102013 PLenkov twitpic6

Still can’t get over this bus our crew built”

102013 PLenkov twitpic3

“Here’s the other side of that bus.”

102013 PLenkov twitpic

“No. Thank you for allowing us to share the Xmas spirit”

102013 PLenkov twitpic2

And one last one that isn’t from Peter but from a fan off Instagram. Love the comment:

From @h3ll0ceecee’s IG. “Spotted! The star of Hawaii 5-0, Alex (aka my sizy’s crush) This guy is awesome! I couldn’t get more excited tho coz someone had to keep calm while someone @joy_jaychris was all over him. Besides i was effin starstruck all i can afford to say was “thank you”

102013 h3ll0ceecee IG

10 thoughts on “Mahalo to @PLenkov & fans for sharing their pics from Friday’s #H50 3rd Annual Toy Drive #AlexOLoughlin

  1. How wonderful! Can’t you just hear him in the top right picture with the little boy: “Here, buddy, let me help you with that.” So sweet that he is becoming part of the community now that he’s settled in to the island. Someone earlier mentioned him taking over for Daniel as unofficial “mayor”–but I think he’s a great Aussie Ambassador 🙂

  2. My favorite side of the bus is the side Alex is standing on. Hee! 😆
    He looks beautiful and so very happy. Which gives me all kinds of feels. Proud of him and the whole 5-0 team. Just an awesome, awesome endeavor by our guys.

  3. Besides Alex’s beautiful smile, the smile of those kids and the tender expression of the girl holding her gift…(.awww! kids are so spontaneous!!!) are priceless……I will never stop saying that I love him ……and his look with the fangirl is full of kindness and love, his face glows of happiness……..I love him, I love him, I will always do ❤

  4. Proud to be a fan! It’s gestures like this that full my heart, put a smile in my face and i know that the H50 cast and crew are happy for accomplish the wishes of this children.

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