A few more pics from the #H50 3rd Annual Toy Drive #AlexOLoughlin @PLenkov

Last weekend the KokuaFTP telethon and today the Kaiulani Elementary School where they “donated supplies, a “Bee Mobile” and gifts to the students.”

Color me: #ProudToBeAFan



We had a special guest for the kids….. @kassity1 @jessnohealani #hi50s4toydrive#h50 #clubaccounting #thankyoualex

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Mahalo @Hawaii50 for putting smiles on all the students faces at Kaiulani Elementary! They donated supplies, a “Bee Mobile”, and handed out presents to all the students! It was so awesome to see everyone smiling. #thankful #Hawaii50 #happyholidays #melekalikimaka #kaiulanielementary #presents
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/tag/hawaii50/#7EPwzCvWjTkhBf83.99

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11 thoughts on “A few more pics from the #H50 3rd Annual Toy Drive #AlexOLoughlin @PLenkov

  1. I did not think I could love them anymore than I do already but everytime they show their generous caring hearts I DO
    So right ESS. “So proud to be a fan”

  2. that shows again how much the cast and crew are AMAZING !!!!
    those smiles on the kids face are the best gift
    sooo amazing to see how Peter and Alex remain SO down to earth and lovely even after the whole celebrity
    much much much respect !

  3. I know, broken record, but can’t help: Just when I thought…

    Adorable, amazing, great… love them all! Actions speak louder than words, and they are proving it in the best possible way. “… to see the joy in the children’s eyes…”

    • Very true, I mean I’m sure it wasn’t that as soon as they yelled “CUT” on the last take that they probably didn’t want to run home to their families and start their own holiday time off but it’s nice they took what was probably a few extra hours to do all this for the school and for the kids not to mention the time it took them to build that amazing bus! What a terrific group effort!!

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