As it happens when friends find common ground, you start to develop your own language. Well my super smart and witty friends are no different.  We met on H50 Sardonic and the craziness has continued with this blog and beyond.

Mostly we speak in a lot of acronyms because we’re too lazy to type entire sentences over and over. *_*  

Thanks, however to this big world wide web, our blog followers are increasingly international and many don’t speak English as their first language so all our little acronyms and jokes are hard for them to understand.  I hope this photo representation of some of our terms is helpful.  I’ve added the text under each photo so it can be copied and entered into an online translator as needed.  

Feel free to comment on your favorite….or all of them! 🙂


84 thoughts on “H50BAMF-speak

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    • Also in credit to h50sardonic: FOY United Cuties Urging Pantslessness. McG suffers being overly ‘ pantsed’ most of the time. We want to help him out and urge TPTB to give him general Pantslessness for the good of all FUCUPS in which the TPD will cause much flailing and crying out of SBJ&TO. Makes sense, right?

  2. Hahaha, this is awesome!! I just can’t decide which is my favourite.
    There’s another one that I’ve seen but don’t know what it means – “FUCUP”?

  3. I just loved learning more 🙂
    Knowledge is always important in life right?
    Awkward moment: unnoticed hubby stud behind me when I was reading the definition of TPD LOL

  4. ESS, when I first saw the email notifying me of this post, I thought, “this is for me” because I’m always asking stupid questions 🙂 Thanks for posting. I promise I will do my homework, study this closely and be a proper FUCUP from now on. Did I mention I will study it (the pics) closely?

    Just another question: What’s TPTB?

    Also, this is HILARIOUS. The pictures you have chosen totally match the acronyms. I am still laughing. Makes me realise why I am so happy that I found you all. Love the craziness. Love you all. Real. love.

    • TPTB = The Powers That Be, those in charge at CBS/H50. Andrea, there will be a quiz later. Make sure you don’t study the *pics* so closely that you forget the words 🙂

      Ess, this is bloody brilliant! I might have to update Champictionary if you don’t mind. I like some of your pics much better, plus there are a couple of terms I don’t have.

  5. Thank you so much Ess for this Alexionary of acronyms! It’s really helpful since I am French.
    I LOOOVE all the pictures you have chosen.
    By the way, I was wondering what scooter you were talking about all the time when I read your comments. Now, I see… To be honest, I have to say that I know this photo very well because I studied it very carefully! but… believe it or not, I didn’t notice the scooter!!!!
    This is my first post but I’ve read yours for a few months and had so much fun, watched all the pictures and had …let’s say…pleasure?? Yes, guilty pleasure!

    • magali!!! Thanks for your comment and for posting! I hope you’ll keep joining in. 🙂 I have so much respect for you all who are able to break the language barrier and post. I am so worthless with other languages, but that’s a story for another day…. Very happy you consider my place a guilty pleasure. Sounds kinda naughty…i like it!

      In that pic I have always been distracted by those freakin perfect abs, the happy trail and the FWA that waves to me from the side of his hips. *sigh*

      • I really feel welcome, thank you. Alex broke many barriers in his career and I guess he gave me some more courage : YES he is beautiful inside too!! Which means a lot more to explore. How busy we are and will be!!
        His shoes are often a scooter for me.
        I’ll keep on posting because I know that here, my Alexcrazyness is rather normal!

  6. ESS and Westy, looking at the pics again (yes, I did), is there something we can think of for the guns?. I mean, they are awesome. And not the ones that McG shoots with. Especially noticed in the FOY pic BTW (You see how closely I have studied the pics?).

  7. One thing is for sure. The perfect choices of photo’s to explain all these words, shows dedication and intense study of the subject matter.
    You graduate with flying colours.
    F/ck, he is just beautiful!!

  8. This was flippin FANTASTIC ESS and cleared up some confusion for me…except one thing…what scooter is everyone now noticing??…I still don’t see a fkng scooter!! #blindedbythepretty

      • Why are Alex tattoos on his chest and lower back covered with makeup on H50. Is it Alex or the TPTB don’t want them shown on TV. I see atmosphere cast with speaking and non- speaking parts with tattoos.

        • My guess is that it’s the network (TPTB) because CBS is mainstream TV unlike Cable where they can push the envelope a little.

          Certain tattoos are more accepted, like the bicep tatts but I’m not sure mainstream USA is ready for a hero with nip tatts and an FWA (tramp stamp the rest of the world).

          • Good point, ESS, though we’d be happy to see the gecko and the FWA, wouldn’t we? Alot of trouble to go to just to cover them up, though. Guess TBTB have to cater for the mainstream audience. Does that mean we are not mainstream?

            • I think it means we are major Alex fans and mostly accept and love whatever he does to his body. We just accept it as “him” and want to see ‘him’ on screen.

              For me, I still don’t like a lot of tatts and he’s one of a very few select men I like them on.

              • True that. Not sure whether the forearm tatts are any more acceptable to TPTB than the others or whether it’s just too damn hard to cover those up. Show is filmed in Hawaii afterall – would be much easier in a colder place 🙂

  9. Okay Ladies…. I really love the H50BAMF Speak!!! And I´m glad, that I am NOT the only one who didn´t recognize the scooter… LOL.
    This question/opinion/guessing about covering his Tattoos…
    Maybe I´ve got an answer…. Or kind of an answer… It´s a Navy Seal thing. 🙂 There are sum rules bout Tattoos. And maybe that´s the reason they cover the tattoos. McG is a Seal and so he´s not allowed to have that much/ big tattoos.

    • Thanks, love!! I;ve seen that theory floated around about the tatts, him being a Navy SEAL and all but what if he already had them before entering the Navy? I think it’s a good theory though. I think it’s mostly just a CBS thing though, on them thinking too many tatts would be a turnoff to audiences. 😦

      • I have actually googled it. Rules are mainly that tatts in the Navy must not be visible below a short sleeve shirt. (only a small one that can be covered by a finger is allowed on the arms below the sleeves Also nothing on the face and neck.
        The general rule is also that it must not be about something that might not be exceplable symbols for the navy..
        Even if you had it before joining….something like that must be removed….as far as I could gather.

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  11. This is what I found:
    The tattoo policy is pretty simple: 1) 5 tattoos max, 2) no sex, drug, racial, gang 3) Nothing on the neck, or head, or face 4) since some tattoos may be larger than others, Navy Recruiting Command waiver shop will look at pictures of the tattoo and decide if it is only one tattoo, or should it be counted as several tattoos.
    source: sealswcc.com
    But rules change.

    Before anyone comes in here and asks “but what if?” there is not what if. You are not special, we have rules and standards and if you are outside of those standards, you need to find something else to do. You do not determine what is acceptable and what is not, the navy does.

  12. No prob…just thought it was funny….and so it would make sense if I use it occasionally… like..the FLR is a TPD and I’m gonna DBO…and I’m not a LLWL!!!

  13. I’ve bookmarked the page because my brain goes all McSquishy we I’m looking at his pics. Thanks so much for sharing with the McPervs and making us feel like looking at him THAT way is perfectly normal. I know it’s a pleasure for you. Muuuaaahhh

  14. I love your definitions (and corresponding pic) and have been around long enough to know all of them by now. Except I don’t ever remember seeing the term “facechair” on this or any other blog. When did that become a thing? Maybe it’s because it’s the middle of the night, but I don’t get the connection. Why is a comfy place to sit for awhile termed a facechair? What did I miss? Calling all McNerds!

    • Lol. Part of our growth has been a spike in followers across several venues including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This time I decided to include a few terms used in other places besides on the blog itself. This is a term used by several of our avid supporters on twitter. 🙂

  15. Ess, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the words to say that I’m experiencing an awkwardchickflickmoment right now. Also for clearing what was for me the mystery of IHH/NID . And also for giving me the single simple word “picnic” to keep on shouting during tomorrow’s rug episode. And to feel not only perfectly normal but also perfectly validated while at it. That is, until my NotMcG starts filling in divorce papers and my koala neighbours attempt to commit me in a mental home. Wait. The word koala is no more in use? What a pity! Now, what do you say to apologise for posting an essay instead of a comment? TMI?

    • #awkwardchickflickmoment FTW!!

      Hmmm….koala. You know I don’t think it’s used much anymore. huh. Haven’t even thought of that one in awhile.

      I think there will be a lot of picnic-ing going on in tomorrow’s episode. 😦

  16. I must say I love the new word facechair.It’ a good word. I use SBJ&TO in daily life. My sister asked me where does that come from? Internet I said.

    • Using these words in daily life can be *interesting*!!! I can’t tell you how many times I have used the term “Koala” and “scooter” and don’t even realize it until I see the looks I am getting.

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