New #H50 tonight 3.21 (Imi Loko Ka ‘Uhane) #AlexOLoughlin #AishaTyler #ScottCaan #GracePark #DanielDaeKim

Looks like fun!!

H50 321




27 thoughts on “New #H50 tonight 3.21 (Imi Loko Ka ‘Uhane) #AlexOLoughlin #AishaTyler #ScottCaan #GracePark #DanielDaeKim

  1. he’s giving that innocent look, the 1 which makes me go weak at the knees and gotta agree, the wig was a bad choice, they should have shaved his hair and made out he did it for the trip to Korea to get Freddie’s body x

  2. Still not sure if I’m going to be up until 3 am to see it. I’ve got a cold, fever but I’m kinda dying to see what Wo Far is up to this time and of course that jump into the pool and a wet Steve its something that I really don’t want to miss.

  3. I’m so glad they finally got rid of that terrible rug. I don’t like her (or her talk show) but am willing to take one for the Gipper and suffer thru – I’ll pretend she’s a scooter!!

    • Karen, you’re a good sport! 😉

      I don’t like talk shows but did like her when she was on CSI years ago. Either way, I’m sure she’ll mostly be a scooter for me too. Haha.

  4. Cant wait! Im just returning from my holiday so I still have a 14 hr trip but when I get home it means I can already watch it online! Yeeeey!! What a home coming!!

      • Haha I misread that as “having Alex wait on you.” And I thought I know I don’t get involved in Twitter much but what have I missed? The best fan encounter?? But also, when did Alex become a waiter? Confusing. 🙂

  5. This man can let everything and anything look sexy……. I am pretty sure that red rug on his head would not be any different! 😀 (Already laughing)

  6. Wouldn´t it be hilarious if Danny was stroking his own hair while looking at Steve´s rug LOL I must try to remember look at the scooters, if their eyes will wander to Steve´s head 😉

  7. Okay, so I just finished watching the episode. I am never a fan of reality shows and this one, oh this episode is the bottom of my list this year.. I loved the last 2 minutes of it! But most of it.. nope, not a fan. And I do not like the hair!! Nope.. No silver!! 😦

    • I hoped to enjoy it more than I did. 😦 But there were some good moments and I’ll focus on those. Pic spam is going to be awkward this week! **no spoilers**

      • Max in general and the last 10 seconds of the show are the highlight. Otherwise, I think watching two shows (a show about a show) felt a tad long. On a completely unrelated note, Kono and xbox. lol

        • Steve’s face when he had WoFat down and a gun pointed at him begging to be ‘finished’ (and you know he wanted to)….and Steve’s face walking into his hospital room. My top 2 moments. Not a word uttered by him….but he spoke volumes.

  8. I still have no words about it. I guess I was spoiled with 3.20 but I liked the end (poor Wo Fat) loved the pics of little Stevie…and ….no words…I’ll wait for the pic scam.

      • OK Ess you caught me there, karma is a bitch!!!!!!!!!! But I also have to admit that I have to see it again, because every time I saw the “rug” I was laughing so hard that my NotMG woke up !!!!

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