Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

One of my very favorite Moonlight scenes in my favorite episode.



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  1. Great choice of pic!
    I’m still not sure what I think about the episode as a whole, but this scene is without a doubt one of my favorites – the subtle showing of fangs, just in case his words wasn’t enough…

      • Love this episode.. Love it. History class of Mick, some back story before becoming a Vampire. Josef comment of the little rug-rats running around “Of course they all be dust by now!!” line is good too!!

        • So much to love about this episode. I was in tears at the end. Alex KILLED that scene when he discovered the DNA results. that scene so much. All the talk about having a family, the way he and the guy who could have been his son played off each other. It was just so intense and emotional. The Mick/Josef scenes were to die for. Even a little emo Josef for half a second there… so much greatness in this episode.

          • Well, I am in trouble cuz i am almost at that episode on my re-re-re-watch of “Moonlight” this weekend. I just love that show.

          • I love that baby-talk scene in the car with Beth, where she says “we haven’t even slept with each other, maybe it’s not going to be good” (something like that, I only saw it in german language, couldn’t find it in English 😦 ) AND THEN HE MAKES THAT CUTE AND SEXY THING WITH HIS FACE, especially with his mouth, omg, so frkn hot! If I’d been Beth, there would have been nothing to stop me at getting onto him right there in the car!!! (Isn’t that illegal in some States in the U.S.? Opps!)

          • OMG, he says to her (translate from german) “do you want to have a buybee with me?” How does he say that in English? His many different facial expressions are priceless in that scene!

  2. It was so frkns**y how he scared the s**t out of that little disgusting scumbag! All with sheer vampire power and a tight hug 😉 ! BTW, I’d love to watch that scene from the sky, peeking into that open-neck shirt (he was even wearing blue as a vampire, jeez, really hard stuff for ESS 😉 !)

  3. I forgot to say *thanks* 😆 , this is such a beautiful picture, stunning and breathtaking, seriously, it’s perfect, I like it veryvery much!

    • I totally understand. Every wk on h50 I think, WHY do these fools run from McG? Then he tackles them, straddles them and talks very low and growly at them an I go “Oooohhhh!”

      *makes mental note to run from McG*

      • LOL! I know, right? Usually the sexiest part of Show. Particularly that “low and growly” part. Oy!

  4. Thank you for this post!! This is one of my absolutely fav scenes from this episode. They way Mick slid next to Leo and kinda vamped out cause he was mad?! Oh Lawd!!! 😛

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