Promo photos for #H50 finale 3.24 **spoilerish** #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #ScottCaan

CBS has released the promo photos for the finale….interesting.

pic credit: Normal Shapiro/CBS

12 thoughts on “Promo photos for #H50 finale 3.24 **spoilerish** #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #ScottCaan

  1. Wellllll… apparently Danno gets lucky. Other than that, most of what I can tell is Alex is glued to a phone, as usual.

      • Wow that did not look like Gaby. Where has she been? Maybe Danno would not be so cranky if she was around more. It says that Steve finds out ashocking fact from Wo Fat when he visits him in prison. I think either Steve is Wo Fat’s half brother or that Wo Fat and Doris had an affair after her “death” and that Steve has a half sister. Wo Fat being her father. Maybe we should write for the show. Can’t wait for the next episode and the finale. 3 more. That’s all we have. Then I’ll wait for season 3 to come out on dvd..

  2. They say that one the finale someone is thinking of leaving!! I hope not. Who is the woman with Dano? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out. One suggestion that I have for them. Please no more ride alongs. I LOVE H50 and I could hardly tolerate that last episode. The best part was blaced out cos the camera got shot out. That episode could have been a solid gold one. Hope the next 3 are fantastic.

    • I believe they all signed fairly long term contracts so I don’t think anyone is going anywhere. The same rumor pops up every year so far. The woman with Danno is Gaby, from the museum.

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