Wanna ask #AlexOLoughlin a question? Here’s your chance from CBS #H50

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POSTED ON SEP 10, 2013 01:50PM

Fans, now is your chance to ask Alex O’Loughlin anything! Submit your questions in the comments below. Alex will answer some of your questions during a video Q&A later this month. Be creative and don’t be shy.


79 thoughts on “Wanna ask #AlexOLoughlin a question? Here’s your chance from CBS #H50

  1. This is going to be funny. Just went to the CBS blog where they are posting the questions and…I have no words. Most of the questions are about his private life. Can’t wait to see his replies.

    • I’m already shuddering at the dumb ass questions he’s going to be asked. I hope there are some good, quality questions thrown in.

      If anyone from here posts a Q and you want to share it with us, please do!

  2. I wondered how long it would take for the Steve and Danny romantic relationship question, it didn’t take long did it. I asked a question and then I made a statement about his great talent. I just hope everyone is respectful of Alex.

  3. Well, it’s a lovely opportunity, and he’s lovely to do it, but get ready for Stoopid On Parade from some folks. God bless the man…

  4. There are some good questions posted…i cant wait to hear his responses. But, oh god…there are also so many stupid, ridiculous questions. Some of them are so embarrassing…they’re painful to read…but I can’t help myself…its like a car wreck…I can’t turn away no matter how horrible. Arrrrgh!

  5. Girls, i need your help! I try to post a question but because i don’t have facebook or twitter account i tried to sign/creat a account directly to CBS.com
    However they just allow from people in USA or Canada! Do you help me how i can post some questions, please?

  6. are they really asking will there be a romantic mcdanno relationship in the show? *facepalm* help me please. my patience is becoming less and less.

    i’m soo tempted to ask about his shoulder i really am. some one please ask him how is shoulder is since his rehab and what exercising he is doing for it, if any. that’s my some what decent and intelligent question i would ask.

  7. I really hope that CBS filter the questions, because I cannot imagine Alex’s reaction to the question if Lion was an accident and why he is not married to Malia. Give me a break, these people are stupid and mean.

  8. I just read a lot of those questions, the ones about his family were really rude. I asked for a photoshoot and if he was ever going to show us his backtatt, and then some more light-hearted ones too πŸ˜€ I doubt he will be answering them, most likely he will pick the “boring” ones. Boo…

  9. @jennMcG: I think and hope Alex will just ignore the dumb questions about a McG/Danno relationship, because that’s a direction the show would never go to. Someone did ask if he’d ever been injured on the show, so he might reply to that.
    My question was ‘Do you like old movies, and could you name your five favourite movies’. I should have been more specific
    about the era though, as a like a lot of films from the forties and fifties, including classics like “Casablanca” and “On the
    Waterfront”. I would be so happy to learn that he doesn’t watch just the current ‘blockbusters’ of today.

  10. These are the two questions i asked:

    Is it important to you to that a character you play have some redeeming quality? In Feed and Criminal Minds even though you were the ‘bad guy’ there was a sense of redemption or some type of humanizing of the character. Whether they were “all bad” is debatable.
    Would you be open to playing a character that is completely evil, that stood for everything you find reprehensible? Is that too far outside your comfort level as a person or would you consider that perhaps the best chance to act outside your comfort zone?


    Would you be open to playing a character that is completely evil, that stood for everything you find reprehensible? Is that too far outside your comfort level as a person or would you consider that perhaps the best chance to act outside your comfort zone?After H50 what type of character would you like to play or what would type of role would you like to do? I first saw you on Criminal Minds and to this day it is still my fave episode of that franchise. You were spectacular. You’ve played the good guy, the bad guy, the handsome/romantic guy, the hero, the villain…which would tickle your fancy next? or is it none of these?

  11. All I want to say about the McDanno relationship Q’s is that i know it’s not the preference of probably many people on this blog but it could be for some. So we should be respectful as long as the question was asked respectfully.

    Besides from what I’m reading there are some far more “out there” questions! OMG.

  12. Also asked this: What former co-star would you love to do a guest appearance on Hawaii Five-0? Are you disappointed that you didn’t get any screentime with Daniel Henney? So many of your fans were, including myself.

  13. of course I had to ask about the blue: that was the extent of my silly Q’s

    Do you get tired of wearing blue every day? You had a variety in your wardrobe in S2 but not any more.
    It’s like hanging the same painting on every wall in the Louvre. Still nice to look at but such a waste of a perfect space. πŸ™‚

    • LOL! I love that you asked about the blue and about the damn f*ck up with Daniel! πŸ˜†
      And I wanna kiss Paula for asking for the back tatt. πŸ™‚

      I doubt Alex will see this set of questions. There’s already way many. Someone will hone the list and I’m guessing he will get to choose a few from that edited list. I am sure some censor will cut out overly personal or mean questions and comments. He is their star, after all.

      I gotta try to think of a cogent question…

    • When I read that question I began to laugh …now I know why…..The funny thing is that the questions that I liked the most were posted by some of the Ladies in this blog. Thanks

      • I just started reading the new set of questions and noticed that you could like them, so trying to hit like on the funnier ones. Maybe it could make a difference. Also I would love if the fun loving girls of our blogs could do the same. Start hitting the likes on those “good” questions πŸ˜€

        • There is also a little Flag button, to the right of the Like button. If you find a question offensive, that is what the Flag button is for. Most of the questions are just silly, many are fun, some are really cool, but there are a couple comments there that are offensive, IMO.

            • πŸ˜† I was more referring to the comment or two that chastised him for not being married but having children. I’m sure he signed up for this to get lectures about his personal life from anonymous strangers.

              I cannot imagine he would be offended by your question. He’s showered on camera before. And who knows? McG gotta shower sometime… so does Cath… πŸ˜‰ I think I also saw a couple Free The Gecko comments. That’s flattering. Peeps like his ink. πŸ™‚

              • Oops! Got my replies mixed up…
                “paula:I asked for SteveΒ΄s 3 min navy shower to be in the show. That was perhaps more a wish than a question :D”

                I will also ask “Can we look forward to seeing a demonstration of Steve’s 3 minute Navy showers?”

    • Hi Marion, i just want to make sure you know that you have to post that question on the CBS link at the top for him to see it. You may have done that and I missed it. I just didn’t want you to think I was passing it along. πŸ˜‰

      Also, welcome to the blog! thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚

  14. to ESS, please can you post a question for me, I too am unable to log in. I wanted to say I find you sexy in sunglasses, especially Mick’s and when you were any of you ball caps it drives me crazy πŸ™‚ Why are neither of these in your wardrobe in H50? Thanks ESS

  15. OMG, so much stupid questions there… I hope someone from CBS will edit it before they let Alex see it… oh, some people really need to learn more about being true fans… I just left a question will he ever come to Croatia for vacation or movie shooting…

  16. I would like to know out of the shows and movies you made, which character is your favorite? I also would like to know how do it feels to fill Jack Lord’s shoes? Jack is smiling down from heaven because he knows that they had got the right guy to play Steve McGarrett!

  17. Help please!!! , I don’t live in the USA or Canada, so, although I have a FB account I can’t post any question and I wanna ask him these.
    1. You have said that you are in real life a little bit more like Danno’s personality but which emotional features or thoughts you have in common to Steve, afterall you know him better than anyone?
    2. Do you think Steve is a too idealistic character of what a real navy seal should be?
    3. At this point in your career that you have made many amazing different performances, do you feel there is a performing challenge that you consider you are not able to play and why? .
    4. Many of your fans got really worry when you had your shoulder injury and for many of us is still hard and even painfull to see some pictures from S2 and Alex, I can tell you it is a sincere feeling, what do you think about it ? , what can you tell us ( your fans) about it?
    ……I would appreciate deeply if somebody could post them. TY!!!

  18. I’m really sorry for Alex to have to reply to such stupid questions, someone posted if he was not with Malia if he would consider a romantic relationship with Sc….WTF ? are these people for real? Don’t they think before writing ?

    • I can understand people (I don’t get it but) asking for something on a tv show but to ask If he was not with Malia would he have a romantic relationship with SC.. WTF is right. Some people do have a hard time telling the difference in REEL life compared to REAL life. There are some cray-cray people out in the world. Most of the questions are funny though. Loved the one asking since he was from Australia was it hard learning English (just between us I hope he answers that one, lol ). Another cute one was would you date my sister.

  19. What episode has impressed you the most?
    Do you realize a lot of stunts?
    can you make suggestions about your character?

  20. Welcome to our new commenters today!! Thank you for logging in and sharing your questions. πŸ™‚ I hope he (or whoever goes through them all) picks all our smart and funny questions. πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry I can’t help the international peeps out today. If someone else could, that would be awesome!

  21. First of all I’d like to say it’s great how you all help out the international folks around here. Thank you! ❀

    I'd like to ask him about the "no-pics-with-kids" policy. Sometimes there is so much confusion and annoyance about it. But I think it's too personal. Yes, I know we all know about it from his publicist. Even though it would be great to hear in his own words which pics (if any) we are allowed to post/share. And I certainly don't talk about paparazzi pics. These are tabu for sure.

  22. Phew! Finally. TY CBS for making it so hard for European fans. 😦

    I was a tad on the lighter side, but I would really be interested in his answers. I think they would reveal a little bit.

    >>First of all let me say that you are the most versatile actor I know. Steve McGarrett is such a multidimensional character and you rock it!
    My questions:
    — The Halloween episodes of H50 are such a fun to watch. Do you like Halloween/costume parties (because as an actor you dress up every day and maybe your happy to just be β€˜you’)? And which would be your favorite costume?
    — Steve McGarrett is such a goof sometimes. Which is your favorite funny line? Which line cracked you up? (*hint hint* mine has to do with Star Trek πŸ˜‰ )
    Thank you for being such a caring, respectful and private (!) person! It’s all about respect. Sadly not all people get that… <<

    If they choose one of those you all will hear my SQUEEEEE. Worldwide audible, eardrum shattering SQUEEEE.

  23. Mr. Alex.
    Aloha from Switzerland.
    My question: Do you answer all your fans still, and you keep all
    gifts that you have made?

    Strongly Season 4 and the following … and congratulations to you and your partners
    the good times you made ​​me pass.

    thank you

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