White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin

I like him dressed  in a suit *almost* as much as I like him shirtless. Almost.




27 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin

  1. So your best friend has arranged a blind date for you. The doorbell rings, you open it and……………..thud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dreams are good!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would like to know of all the people you had played in movies and tv, which character is your favorite? I would also like to know what do it feels like filling the shoes of Jack Lord? Jack is up in Heaven smiling down at you because he knows they got the right man to portray Steve McGarrett.

  3. Shirtless or suit – I don’t care. I’m totally hypnotized by that stare. Oh, just noticed this rhymes 🙂
    What I’m trying to say is that I don’t always pay much attention to what Alex wears cause I often find myself totally focused on THAT face with the beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile. I do pay attention to those beloved blue shirts on H50 though 🙂
    And, of course, I’m not totally blind and am absolutely aware of the fact that there’s much more worth looking at than just his face 🙂

  4. LOL!!! I like it. That was your wild subconscious Magalex ….sometimes….no , being honest, almost always I have similar thoughts but I have to translate first to english and then I realice I can’t write them here……..imagine him shirtless in that blue suit that matches perfectly with his blue eyes, chest hair, cherry lips, scrub………here I better stop!!!

  5. Hello gorgeous! You look so hot in a suit, a tuxedo, a uniform, with jeans, cargo pants, shorts but naked would be also great.

    Kim, today is a big handtwitch with that open collar. TY

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