Topless Tuesday by @kimphin1 #ALexOloughlin

Well, not totally topless… but I’m sure that you all can put those vivid imaginations to good use!

Photo by Robbie Fimmano for GQ Australia

Photo by Robbie Fimmano for GQ Australia


22 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday by @kimphin1 #ALexOloughlin

  1. I think I’m missing the point of this pic because I seem to be unable to look ABOVE the waistline for some reason. 😉 Seriously, though, this is one of my favorite pics of him. What’s not to love? The lip touch, the chest hair, leather jacket, and those open legs teasing us like that. Is it getting hot in here? 😛

  2. Like the rest of him, his hands are a major turn-on! Strong and sensual. And bracelet porn on that beautifully sculpted wrist. Just looking at him makes all my beautiful wickedness melt…. Sigh…..

  3. This is one (of many I might add) of my favorite pics of Alex, for so many reasons. One of which is summed up by saying that being “bad” or “wild” is a-okay! Let your inhibitions go….

  4. My vivid imagination goes directly to his FOY following that frck belly hair line !!! ……seriously, when I look this photoshop I guess he felt so sexy and hot ( and the BAMF knew indeed he was, he is and he always will) that I’m sure he was having an 3rection……and that’ s quite normal because he ‘s a young man after all……..his attitude really turns me on!!!

  5. Love this pic for soooo many reasons!! A friend of mine made a gif of sorts with this pic. The crotch throbs like a heart beat! I love when he wears bracelets. Well really jewelry of any kind. I think the bracelets just emphasize how sexy his hands are! 😛

  6. In the video of this photo shoot, there is a guy who gets to tie the strings on his pants. They obviously couldn’t find a female that would tie them and not want to tug his pants down. 😉
    He almost doesn’t look like himself in this photo. I have had a love/hate relationship with it since I first saw it. I love the bad boy look, the thumb up to his delicious mouth,the long orgasmic nose, the bracelet p0rn, the perfect amount of chest hair,the glisten on his abs, the happiest trail in the world I can imagine, and the FOY up front and center. It’s HARD to explain what I don’t love about it. I think it’s because his beautiful eyes are so dark and scrunched up. That wasn’t very convincing was it? After a LONG, HARD look, I have decided that the eyes aren’t that important in this pic, and if I were in between those legs and on my knees, his eyes would be shut, his head thrown back and…. :mrgreen:
    Thank KIM! You brought me to my senses! 😀

  7. Oh My! This photo makes me want to send his parents a gift basket…just to say Thank You. This photo also makes me want to do other things that I’m just not going to go into in right now. 🙂

  8. Yes Kim, my imagination is taken into wild places. This pic has all the elements for that. I can’t say anything else …………………. i have to go now.

  9. I think I hate the jacket in this picture. It ruins it for me. I mean, as much as a pic of Alex can be ruined…. it would have just been so much better without it.

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