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Let’s face it, our Steve is someone special. Not just because he’s ridiculously handsome and BAMF, but also because he’s….he’s…… well, he’s Steve McGarrett!

If you’re a fan of the show that makes perfect sense to you because there’s no other TV character like our Steve!!

We’ve already done BAMF Steve and Handsome Steve, I started out making this poll about “Goofy Steve” but as I dug through my screencaps and gifs, I found so much more to the other side of our super SEAL Steve than just being goofy.

These are moments that might go unnoticed by anyone elseย but because it’s Steve, they make you goย 

Of course, I have to give a big shout out to our man Alex for being able to give this depth of character to Steve McGarrett without making him a caricature. ย *claps*

Vote for your Top FOUR “Being Steve” moments.

39 thoughts on “POLL – Being Steve McGarrett #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. ESS! You’ve GOT to be kidding me! Just four? Ugh.

    And you are SO right, he is just Steve. Everyone who even remotely likes Steve knows exactly what you’re talking about. Without ‘our’ Steve Five-0 would be pretty boring and without drive. As we unfortunately had to learn in season 2.

    I have to come back to this during my lunch break. Already looking forward to this yummy treat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. That’s a GREAT poll, ESS!! Thanks for keeping us occupied during the hiatus! There’s much more to Steve than meets the eye, that’s right. And I LOVE his goofy side ๐Ÿ˜€ !

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the polls!! OK, after careful consideration and a LOT of staring (I don’t wanna miss anything) I’m gonna have to say:
    8&9 – cos I cannot get enough Uncle Steve/Steve with kids!
    10 – cos I eat like a savage and it seems like he’d be cool with that based on this scene.
    16 – cos that face! If he hadn’t already destroyed ALL the panties, I’d have pee’d mine giggling at this!
    Did I mention I’m fond of the polls? I don’t know what this bunch of pervy fan girls did to deserve you, but I vote (geddit) that we keep doing it!! Mahalo for this… m’wah!

    • “I donโ€™t know what this bunch of pervy fan girls did to deserve you, but I vote (geddit) that we keep doing it!! ” – MWAHH!!! thanks babe! Y’all inspire me….

  4. I think this may be my favorite H50BAMF post evah!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Cuz I never thought about this before, but you right. The true greatness of this character isn’t the pretty, the brave, the brainy, the BAMF, tho all those things rock… it’s the subtle little character moments that Alex creates for him outside the lines of the script. They are often brief and fleeting, and they are not always even verbal, but they are the moments that grab at our hearts and do not let go! This makes me happy. This post has made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Your post made my day too! ACAxBL2I&B on everything! Especially this:

      “itโ€™s the subtle little character moments that Alex creates for him outside the lines of the script. They are often brief and fleeting, and they are not always even verbal, but they are the moments that grab at our hearts and do not let go!”

      Everything THIS^^^^^ You summarized so well what i was trying to say. Alex makes the transition from convincing BAMF to these little moments with ease. I hope the show and TPTB understand the gem they have in Alex because we, the fans certainly do.

      • You know, I don’t think Show or CBS do get just what they have in Alex. They know he tests well, they talk about his hard work, his handsome, his strength, his leadership, but they never mention these little gem moments. I think he throws them in there for us and for himself, cuz he needs to believe his people are real. His guys could walk off the screen into our world, no matter how funky and trite they are sometimes written, and we would immediately feel like we know this human being.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. I agree. ” itโ€™s the subtle little character moments that Alex creates for him outside the lines of the script. They are often brief and fleeting, and they are not always even verbal, but they are the moments that grab at our hearts and do not let go!” That is the diference of a great actor, his ability to humanize the character, giving us Steve the man – son, brother, friend, lover, uncle, crazy teacher, frustrated man at few moments. Alex’s work makes us believe that Steve is real. Only a good actor can do it right.

  5. Squeeee! I love this! Goofy Steve is my favorite – oh no it’s BAMF Steve – no GOOF – no BAMF! – GOOF!…. you get the picture? And what about emotional, suffering and caring Steve? And handsome Steve is always there! But this is what makes Steve so special. A real real badassy BAMF who sometimes ‘has a clown for breakfest’ as we in Germany say. That makes him sooo loveable!
    Now for the poll I have to make notes…
    I’m so in love with the “live long and perspire” scene! And he is able to do this finger thingy, he is so talented, LOL!
    And the “catching the nekkid man” jump was hilarious!!!
    And the “talk to my hand” with the carjacker – SO STEVE!!!
    As the “I’m done with this shit” scene with the bullhorn!
    STEVE!!! What’s not to love???

    • I know, right? How can you look at all that above and NOT love Steve McGarrett??? I’m laughing just reading your comments because I’m picturing them in my head. They’re just that funny!

      “A real real badassy BAMF who sometimes โ€˜has a clown for breakfestโ€™” —>> I love it!!

  6. My 2 most favorite moments – teaching the Aloha girls and being cool Uncle Steve! Anytime Steve’s w/kids I turn into a big old puddle! Sigh… After those 2 the rest were all a tie. What’s not to love about gorgeous, sweet, vulnerable, adorable, goofy, annoyed, frustrated, tug-at-your-heartstrings Steve!

  7. Ok, this one was reallllly hard for me too because I love them all! Obvi. lol. I’m sure I missed a few too but these were the stand outs IMO.

    Ok, my faves were
    1 goofy fishing hat because we begged for it and it actually happened!!
    3 getting c0ckblocked by Kamekona because Kame was so genuinely interested in movie and clueless that Steve was trying to put the moves on….plus it was Steve trying to put the moves on! lol.
    6 Chasing nekkid guy – because his reaction was just so priceless and that has to be the funniest chase scene EVER!!
    16 Making fun of Danny because his face and body language here is just supremely hilarious! Plus, bonus points for it being Peyton Manning.

    I know people go on and on about the great moments from S1 and there were, but there are MANY great moments from S3 also!

  8. I love the polls! When he frustrated and threw that bullhorn for me it was a panty destroyer moment for me! Of course those white pants and the way they hug his thighs could have something to do with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I missed the throw on the first watch, I think i was LOL’ing too hard that he was TALKING WITH A BULL HORN!! then when I saw the “i’m through with this shit” throw down, I almost pee’d my pants. lol!

  9. Another very tough choice! I love many Steve moments in S3 – there were so many awesome scenes with him; I could think of even more than the ones you chose.
    Well, I picked the couch scene with cockblocker Kamekona, teacher Steve with the aloha girls, Steve’s eating habits and Steve getting frustrated with his carjacker. But, of course, I would have liked to pick several more again… You’re making this so hard for us, Ess ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This was such a difficult choice, I love all the “Being Steve” moments ๐Ÿ™‚
    thank you so much for another awesome poll

  11. I’m here again just tried to vote but have had to reboot. Once again it was hard to choose. Definitely 1 then 6 9 and 19. Thanks again ESS for this poll.

  12. 3,6,9,&10
    3)The entire couch cock blocking scene is hilarious! Kame has no clue and Steve is like a sex crazed teenager. ๐Ÿ˜†
    6)I couldn’t decide between chasing the nekkid guy or cool uncle Steve, but that face in 6 is classic!
    9)The Aloha girls and all the spontaneous puberty that occurred on that camping trip! ๐Ÿ˜›
    10) Eating out…that’s all :mrgreen:

  13. Ess, this is by far the most awesome poll and it’s very hard for me to choose just 4 of these moments because I love them all!!! Watching this poll and reviewing these great gifs i have to say that season 3 had wonderful moments of our favorite character. Alex is brilliant on these Steve’s little gem moments.

    After a lengthy consideration my vote is #3, #6, #9, #16. TY

    • “season 3 had wonderful moments of our favorite character” – absolutely agreed, Marta! That’s why I wanted to do these polls, to remind everyone what a great season #3 was!

  14. There’s no doubt that Alex is such a great complex and complete actor that you can create AWESOME polls forever ESS, TY!!!. it’s always said that Steve is a strong character but Alex proves that he is an ordinary/extraordinary guy and he makes him real. As usual I take enough time to see them and make my decision………I have to say that I love them ALL.
    9. His smile and face……..ahhhhh! he was enjoying being with those little girls. I agree with all of you that he is completely adorable with little girls because all his roughness breaks down…..sigh.
    10. Again his smile and how he ate , greedy but spontaneously…….you know? I felt that Cath dismissed this moments so stupidly because Steve was happy to be together and share breakfast, only the two of them……the romantic feeling not depends on being in a fancy restaurant with fancy clothes nor candles, I’ve been in those situations but very unhappy and unsatisfied…..I would kissed him and caressed his neck and maybe gave him my sausage, jajaja!.
    15. he’s a momma boy. Uhmmmmmm I loved to saw him jealous claiming his old friend.
    3. The whole episode was so funny and we can see his child side, an almost tantrum when he had to changed the movie….I really enjoyed it and again if Cath wanted his attention she should use her hands to stimulate other noble parts. hehehe!.

    …..but I loved all of them
    TY ESS!!!

  15. When I first opened this post I was all “Are you effing kidding me? I’ll never be able to choose my 10 favourite, let alone 4”. After I recovered from the indignity (#dramaqueen) of having to narrow it down, I realized that some of these scenes made me LMAO…so that’s the direction I’m going.
    #3, #7, #13 and #15 SO.MUCH.FUNNY

    Alex is great at all the BAMFness, but it’s ^^^^all these^^^^all the goofiness and the funny and the adorable that humanizes McG…and makes him so damned lovable.

  16. Uncle Steve, hands down. Love Steve & Gracie, The Kame and obliviousness to poor Steve, I can watch that 1,000 times. Steve’s Reaction to Nekkid guy and anything with Steve & Catherine and Steve and a kid…. I love this poll and YOU ROCK! Thanks for making it so so so much more fun xo from NJ –Mari

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