Great new BTS pics #H50 #AlexOLoughlin (be more adorable I dare you) #ScottCaan

Major mahalo to Forever Alone Tumblr for the find. Not sure of the actual photographer or the date taken, can’t find the actual credit for them but when I do I’ll update the post.

Update: per one of our followers, cocomonk22, these were taken 7/25/13 outside the Ali’iolani Hale





Thanks to @alexynay of Alex O’Loughlin Journal and @HeyD50 for the heads up on these. Not a bad way to wake up on a Friday morning!


70 thoughts on “Great new BTS pics #H50 #AlexOLoughlin (be more adorable I dare you) #ScottCaan

  1. friday morning happiness right here… and yes the meter on the adorableness has broken… but so has the scrumptious meter! YUM!….. btw… *thud* 🙂

    • Thanks babe. If you click on the blue hyperlink above, that’s where it will take you….but they don’t credit the actual photographer or give a date 😦

      I guess it’s possible they took them themselves…

      • Yeah, I noticed too late that your short link leads to the same source – stupid me 😦 Actually, I thought the one who posted them had taken them, too, since he/she asked to link back… but I’m not sure either.
        I guess we shouldn’t break our heads over it and just ENJOY those FANTASTIC photos. I love them!

    • IKR?! They took my breath away when I opened them!! These look professional which is why I’m interested to see who the photog is

      Did y’all notice the pocket situation??!!!?! They’re lay flat pocket!! Lets cross our fingers and pray to the wardrobe gods that these are the new pants for s4!!

      • But they’re so HUGE! The material looks very thick–too hot for summer. Something’s not quite right about them, they make his butt look way too huge and look at the nasty pucker in the back. Me no likey 😦

        But, I do love that smile!

        • Uh..babe. His butt IS huge. It’s a beautiful thing.

          I think there’s less puckering than in the cargos. Also puckering makes me giggle…cuz I’m 12.

          ACA that they look too hot for Hawaii but Chin wears denims and lets not forget the girls in their skin tight jeans and boots. Apparently wardrobe isn’t going for comfort. Lol.

  2. Awwww God! He seriously means to kill me with his cute self. That first pic… just not fair! *I’m melting*
    Btw, the hair! I lovelovelove the hair. 🙂

    • “Btw, the hair! I lovelovelove the hair” – me toooooooo!!!

      At first perusal this morning I thought the first one with the Shaka was the killer. Damn it’s been awhile since we saw him be adorable and sweet and goofy. Then I took a nice long hard look at the one where he’s leaning. “Boom chicka wow wow” that pic is all kinds of rawwwwrr!!! Attitude, making random shit sexy…. Purr kitty purr purr purr.

      • I agree! I posted about the 3rd pic at the same time. Hee! 😀
        Killer. He’s a killer. He could kill with that face.

      • ESS….. boom chicka wow wow is the perfect way to put it! I could not have said it better myself! Both pics of him kill me in very different ways, he is hot smiling that smile and hot leaning and looking angry! Hot hot hot! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. ESS – Steve’s not wearing CARGOs!! He’s wearing twills/jeans!! What’s up w/that?? Where’s he going to store all his stuf!! I think I’m heartbroken!! But I do love the sharp, clear phots (better to see them with, said the big bad WOLF – wink!). Love the new car!!

  4. OMG the third pic! (Sorry I seem to be able only to absorb these one at a time… it was a long sry spell :oops:)
    Lord that third one! What is that expression? I’m scared and excited at the same time! 😀
    And the leeeeean! How long are his damn legs?
    Also the hair. SUCH a man! Sigh.

  5. THE THIRD PICTURE!!! OMG! What is Vogue thinking? here is the best male model ever!! definitely the best way to start on Friday…happy happy happy..Thank You!

  6. Scott looks awesome. Love this outfit on him and the belt is back! Just a shame his hands are not fully visible, I want to know if they’re covering his pony tattoo. BTW Alex isn’t looking to shabby either..but Scotty is my man. ❤ 🙂 Love btw how part of Alex's lower arm tattoo is still visible. Either he never finished the laser treatment or they couldn't remove it fully.

    • I assumed Scotty was your guy by you screen name. 😉 it’s all good!

      If they don’t cover the pony tattoo I want McG to make fun of him like Danny did to him about his buzz cut. Lol. Then McG can decide to get a back tattoo and we can stop covering that FwA. That would be a good
      bromantic episode, don’t cha think? The boys going to get tatts together?

      I personally liked Alex’s forearm tatts. I get happy when you can still faintly see them.

  7. Oh my goodness! What absolutely great pictures. Love them. The first one is just awww. And the jeans! Uh. No words. I’m done. LOL

  8. OMG!!! That 3rd pic…I know it’s not as hot today as yesterday but I’ve just melted into a puddle. How can this man get any better….I do hope when I get to Hawaii I come across them filming. Need to go and recuperate…

  9. The last one–is this the closest Danno will gt to driving the new Camaro? Just fondling the keys?

    • Bah!!! Lol!!

      I was lol’ing at twitter earlier when the pic police said that these pics had spoilers in them. I was all “what spoiler?? Mcg’s new pants??” Lol!!

      They were talking about the cammy. Uh…whatever. Didnt notice there was a car there until maybe the 10th or 11th viewing…

      Not to mention that spoiler was out weeks ago…

  10. Picture No.1: WOOT!!!! “All your girls are right here, supporting you Alex!!!!”…….and he gave us the smile and his patented hand sign.
    Picture No.2: Steve controls how much make up should Danno have……
    Picture No.3: “We’ve been waiting you Sir……..OMG!!! Commander, you’re gonna kill me with that look, please mercy!!.”….. I got very sentimental with the fabulous face Friday but now……this pic shows his wild, manly, grrrrr side and…. also his majik log.
    ENGINES ARE HEATING UP GIRLS!!!! thank God we’re gonna have S4…

  11. I saw these on tumblr around midnight or so and could not fall asleep. I’m loving these pants on Alex. And I love this hair cut too. These are nice HQ pics. Love everyone’s comments!! 😀

    • I agree with you about the pants. YUM! These caramel colored pants are now officially my favorite! #thewhitepantsaredeadtome
      I love that they are caramel. It is such an appropriate name for the color of his pants. You know the best way to enjoy caramel don’t you?
      #itrhymeswithduck #yum

  12. I think we need to thank to the photographer because the pictures are amazing! It’s a nice way to start a summer hot weekend! The 1st and 3rd pic left me speechless and breathless. I’m very happy that this year we have very nice BTS. I hope they continue to give us new BTS like that so we can enjoy more our summer break. TY Ess by the updates.

  13. I haven’t been able to comment until now because I lost my ability to form coherent thoughts and sentences.
    Just when I thought that man couldn’t get any HOTTER…he goes and does this. I know he’s not really doing anything…but HOLY HELL does he look GORGEOUS not doing it!!!
    He really is a relentless sexy b@stard isn’t he?!…with that face…and that hair…and that BODY!! GUH!!

  14. The hair, The hair, Oh my lordy the hair is too adorable for words. That third photo is a definite panty dropping stare. Absolutely delicious.
    The photo’s are great – Kudos to the photographer (please please please be lurking around the set for the next six months or so. We’ll repay you with cookies and chocolate!)
    That sound is my panties weeping in the corner – Bwahahaha. Fantastic!

  15. Those long legs just killed me. That man looks amazing and fit. Dat smile melts my heart….Alex makes me act like a 12 year old fangirl.

  16. You can see his lashes in the second pic!!! HIS EYELASHES!!! From this angle! How is that even possible?
    BTW: Hi! Long time reader (I love it here!!!) – but first post. I couldn’t keep it to myself. Had to blurt it out. Because this man makes me behave in a not ladylike manner. All the time! 🙂

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