BTS pics from H50 filming 8/1/13 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

More pics from yesterday’s shoot have been found and shared with H50BAMF

Updated info:  per one of our followers, cocomonk22, these were taken 7/25/13 outside the Ali’iolani Hale

080113 bts_E03

080113 bts_E04

080113 bts_E06

No photog has been listed for these photos. If found, will add credit.


27 thoughts on “BTS pics from H50 filming 8/1/13 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

  1. I think we need to thank to the photographer because the pictures are amazing! It’s a nice way to start a summer hot weekend! The 1st and 2rd pic left me speechless and breathless. I’m very happy that this year we have very nice BTS. I hope they continue to give us new BTS like that so we can enjoy more our summer break. I will never get tired to look to them. TY Ess by the updates.

  2. ESS the more I am able to absorb details here, I think that shirt might be dark gray instead of blue. It fits wonderfully whatever color it is.

  3. YUMMie new caramel pants! No more big baggie pockets covering his gorgeous assets! The clarity of these pics is incredible! He is SO SMOKIN HOT leaning against that tree! LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PANTS!!!!

    • Yep, love the caramel cargos and the nice thigh blue shirt too, his a** is gorgeous, this must be heaven!!!

  4. The longer I look at that first pic…with that lean…and that stance..and that hand on his hip..I’m pretty sure its gonna kill me. I don’t care. What a way to go.

  5. FYI: The pictures in this and the previous post were taken on July 25, 2013 outside Ali’iolani Hale. They shot this scene early evening after they finished filming at Ala Moana Beach earlier in the day.

  6. More pics!!! TY Mr. photographer and ESS……..I would love have the illicit relationship with the owner of those pants……

  7. TODAY AT 9:00 PM ON CBS: MOTHERS DAY H50 EPISODE……….I guess they start to measure the ranking of the show on the new schedule….

  8. I um.. Oh my.. *THUD.. slowly gets back up on the couch*

    Those pants fit AOL very well, forget the cargo’s.. he is wearing those on a daily basis! *wipes drool off chin, scrolls back up*

    Okay, I don’t know what happened but you got deleted from my reader 😯 But your page is back now! Unless the gremlins show up again!

  9. I know what the photog looks like, but he may want to remain anonymous. He had a fairly large telephoto lens, so security and film crew were trying to get him to stop taking pictures.

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