**updated** Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers Ep. 6 “Where We Lie” #AlexOloughlin

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Transplant Patient: Megan O’Hara – aspiring gymnast in pain

Donor: Megan’s biological father

Donation: Liver

Medical Dilemma: I wouldn’t necessarily call it a medical dilemma as much as a family ethics dilemma. What should a parent keep secret and at what cost?


Recap: “Where We Lie”

Young Megan O’Hara is getting ready to take her turn at the uneven bars. She pops a few pills and starts her routine, but falls from the top bar in a heap.

Dr. Andy and Dr. Lisa have a super cute encounter and we learn that Dr.Lisa is doing an ambulance ride-along as part of her ER residency. Andy gives her some extra eye-sexing to get her through the day and off she goes while he heads off to Kuol’s room. Kuol accuses Dr. Lee of using Kuol to gain favor with the cute nurses and I totally believe Kuol!


Dr. Andy is sporting a clipboard and a serious face, and we all know what that means… including poor Kuol. He is in need of an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) because his medication has stopped working. Kuol is not happy about this revelation, but Andy assures him that it is just and ASSIST device and that his heart IS still working. Dr. Andy is making so many beautiful faces right now that I cannot stand myself … he is physically causing me pain!

We cut to a local carnival, and a group of teens are getting onto the Octopus ride. I love this ride! But, when I see what comes next I will never ever ever get on one again. *Sigh* I hate being a jaded, scared adult!!!! Laurie Campbell and her young son Dylan are enjoying the midway games and Dylan wants to get more food – the mom gives him some money and off he goes (I was shocked that she let a small child wander away at the carnival) In a neat time lapse scene, we see that the Octopus ride has broken and crashed into the food booths.

Dr. Lisa arrives on scene, apparently without any other first responders, and finds Dylan in the rubble. After a few tense moments, she gets him to speak and fits a C-collar on him.


Back at Three Rivers, Dr. Miranda Foster is speaking with Dr. Jordan about last week’s revelation. (That Dr. Jordan was doing the mattress mambo with Daddy Dr. Foster. Er…. Grey’s Anatomy storyline anyone? I have to admit that I’m not thrilled with this storyline – that they are going “there”. I had higher hopes for 3R. “Your father was my MENTOR, Miranda”… Oh, is this what we are calling it now?

Megan the gymnast is being questioned by Dr. Foster, and tells her that she has taken 10 extra strength acetamenophin in the past 24 hours. Apparently this is a bad thing. I truly hope that it is not bad to take ibuprophin in that quantity, or I may be a dead woman. Her liver has been damaged by the over-use of Tylenol, and she has been in need of that many painkillers after fracturing some bones in practice. Megan’s liver has been damaged beyond the point of repair. We learn from her backstory that her parents were also pro athletes so she felt pressure to perform, and that she didn’t realize what taking an incorrect dosage would do to her body. I don’t think most people realize what overdosing on over-the-counter drugs can do to you. Read the labels people!!!

After testing both of Megan’s parents, they find that neither one of them is a blood donor match for Megan’s liver, which is not good news in the genetics department. Apparently it is not possible for both of these birth parents to not match liver tissue to their offspring (blood type O begets blood type O and all that). Hmmm… someone’s been a naughty Mommy! The blood types do not match. Bummer. Megan’s mom feels like she needs to find the real father to help her daughter. Awkward!

Kuol is beginning to worry about money, both for his transplant AND for his LVAD. Dr. Lee is on the case, and asks Ryan to see if there are any medical trials that Kuol could become a part of. Ryan has a lead on a blood relative father for Megan, so he tells Dr. Lee to look for himself. To his credit, Dr. Lee clumsily does the search. Score! The medical rep for a VAD in trial happens to be a gorgeous blonde! I see where this is going, you scoundrel.

Things aren’t going well with young Dylan in the ER with Dr. Lisa and Dr. Andy. Dr. Andy picks up Dylan and my heart and ovaries hold their collective breath. Dammit, this man and KIDS! Andy carries Dylan to OR and we find that his pulmonary artery is shredded and they need to get one of his lungs out. Wow. That’s rough for a poor kid. Dr. Andy tells the Mom that the next hours are critical because the body is still trying to pump blood to the missing lung, and there could be a build up of pressure. I can’t imagine being a mom in a situation like this, just having to WAIT. It’s heartbreaking. Andy seeks out Lisa because he seems to know that she is having a hard time of it. She’s frantically trying to wash the blood off of Dylan’s shoes. Lisa and Andy then engage in a strange encounter that has undertones of being sweet, but I just don’t feel like we’ve seen enough of them together to get the full impact of what is being shown to me. Lisa gets annoyed at Andy and walks away from him (AS IF!)

At a fancy dinner with the medical rep for the VAD to get Kuol in the trial, and she plays hardball with him, not falling for his manly man wiles (well, she DOES, but she doesn’t trade that for a VAD) So, Dr. Lee makes a lot of concessions but gets Kuol in the medical trial.


Megan’s biological father arrives at the hospital and he seems as if he wants to help – because donating a part of your liver is not a cakewalk for the donor. The mom lobbies so heartbreakingly hard for her daughter, but the father can’t take it and leaves. I can see both sides of the situation – as Miranda put it – nothing about this situation is easy. The Dad pleads with the BioDad to help, and that seems to work, as we see them getting prepped for surgery. After the surgery, the Mom says that she kept the secret to not hurt her family. Dr. Jordan takes this to heart and confronts Miranda about her relationship with Dad Dr. Foster.

Miranda Foster does not take the news well. Not well at all.

Dylan wakes up and Dr. Andy is talking to him and I am turning into mush – the FAAAACES are epic. Dr. Lisa is there to see Dylan – who asks for his dinosaur from the carnival. He is in incredibly good shape for losing a lung!

Kuol gets his VAD, and Dr. Andy lets on that he knows what Dr. Lee might have had to do to get it for him. I’m sad and annoyed that we don’t get to see more to see them grow this professional relationship. FU CBS!!!

Andy meets Lisa on the roof. (I am going to hang out on more rooftops – cute guys seem to congregate there). We get some backstory on Dr. Lisa and her deceased sister. It’s a little cheesy, but the emotion does get through…. Darnit. It got through to me. Alex and his faces. And his hugs. He HUGS HER AND I WANT TO BE HER.




I thought it was interesting that this episode did not have anyone die. I kept waiting for something horrible to happen with the boy, Dylan, and was pleasantly suprised that he recovered. I’m not sure what the purpose of his storyline was – I can’t seem to tie it in with any message from this episode. Any ideas?

I like that we got some movement for Kuol’s story – that he is getting an LVAD, which is not the best news, but the Dr’s are trying to put the best spin possible on it.

We got some background on Dr. Lisa – that she is a resident, and that her 10 year old sister died in an accident. We see the relationship starting to grow between Dr. Andy and her – there is a strong undercurrent of concern and caring between these two.

The donation story is vexing me. Livers can regenerate, so they are in some ways the easiest to find a donor for – since the donor can actually be living. I’m not sure what the message, if any, there was for the parent withholding knowledge – because I really don’t think that the Mom withheld anything as soon as she realized the importance of the truth for her daughters sake. In this day and age it is beneficial to know as much as you can about your medical history, but not everyone has that available to them – and I would think a large percentage of people do not have access to that type of family history to fall back on. I have two adopted nephews who will never know their family medical history.

I don’t know – maybe the message was something about a mothers love?

I actually think that my brain got fried because Alex looked SPECTACULAR in this episode. The caring face, the sad face, the happy face, the supportive face…. WOW.


General information on Organ Donation: Becoming a Donor (Organ Donor.gov), Understanding Donation .

If you are not yet a registered organ donor, please consider doing so. You can register here for USA,Canada, Australia, the UK, France and Germany .

Now, you know what’s next – PICSPAM!!!

55 thoughts on “**updated** Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers Ep. 6 “Where We Lie” #AlexOloughlin

  1. Even though this was a great episode with a wonderful Dr. Andy, I’m not associating the best memories with this particular episode because of the case of the gymnast who suffered from liver failure due to her use of pain killers. I had watched Three Rivers early in 2012 on DVD, and when the news came out in March 2012 of Alex being in rehab for his dependence on pain medication, I had to keep thinking of this episode and the gymnast – The thought of her liver failure didn’t exactly cheer me up back then 😦

    • Awww. That understandable. Well the good news is Alex came out of that rehab a better man than ever it seems. He’s doing awesome now so maybe that will give you some comfort. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for another great recap 🙂
    It was a good episode, great to see Dr. Lee getting involved with finding a valve for Kuol and seeing Andy and Lisa getting closer.
    Like you i was just thinking “they are going to kiss right?” and then “Noooo”.
    In real life I don’t think anybody could resist a temptation like that.
    I love thrill rides at Parks so when i see this kind of accidents happen it always make me cringe but it won’t stop me from going on one again 😉

    • Argh! They didn’t kiss!! I so would have. But then, thats totally not suspenseful I guess.

      I will do rides at amusement parks – just not at carnivals. I don’t want to see the ride I was on one day passing me on the highway the next day!

      • Just checked both on Firefox and Explorer, but still the same are still. I think I have had similar issues with gifs in galleries on our blog, and that´s why I don´t use the gallery form with them, cause only some are animated. Haven´t figured out why…

        • Yeah only thumbnails, mosaic and squares allow for gifs. weird but true. this is mosaic so it should animate which it is on my screen but the other problem is the screencaps all but one loaded very small. WordPress has been doing some weird shit laterly…I found 2 people who’s comments were all going to the spam que and they’ve been commenting for months! WP better get their act together. I’m going to try to reload the caps. The pics you specifically asked about Paula, weren’t gifs…they were always screencaps.

          • Oh. Well I looked at the size and when it said 200 x something, I assumed that meant it was supposed to be a gif LOL so they were stills all a long…I was wondering that you made such a huge amount of them for this post LOL Sorry for alarming you.

            • No worries. Everyone giving their feedback helped figure out what the problem was….or at least how to correct it. I really still don’t know how it happened. 😦

  3. The medical person in me must speak up. NEVER take more than 4000 mg of Tylenol (acetaminophen) in 24 hours. It really can damage your liver. You can’t take even that much if you drink a lot of alcohol every day, because that’s hard on your liver, too. Ibuprofen doesn’t damage your liver in that way, so you are “safe” if you take than, except that it can tear up your stomach.

    Okay, onto fangirling! Yes, I loved all of his wonderful faces in this episode. Caring Dr Andy is so sweet and therefore so sexy. It so nice that he’s a brilliant doctor but he’s not an annoying scholar or anything like that. His compassion is so real!

    Enjoyed seeing more of Kual’s storyline and some progression there. Not too interested in Miranda’s story, though. I guess my love for Dr Andy overshadows that.

    Andy and Lisa have been flirting from the first episode, and this one kind of moves their relationship along. The whole emotional closeness that they are finding. The way he almost kissed her, then realized that she wasn’t following along!

    Not the best episode, but oh, those wonderful faces!

    • LOL rocsfan do you know every single time I take Tylenol I think of this episode? Every. single. time! Because of injuries and another medical condition I’ve had since I was young, I’ve taken Tylenol forever it seems, along with ibuprofen, naproxyn, etc. tylenol always gave me less side effects (no ulcer or tummy issues) so I know I’ve abused it at times over the years. This episode has me thankful I was lucky and I’ve changed my ways. So FU to CBS for cancelling this informative TV show before giving it a real chance!

      Dr Andy was ridiculous in this episode. His scenes with Kuol, with Dr Lee in getting Kuol’s LVAD, his temperment with the child and then his display with Lisa. Sigh. I like how you said he wasn’t an annoying scholar…TRUE!!! He was a brilliant doctor who didn’t lord it over the staff or the patients in an “I know more than you’ll ever know” way. He was willing to teach, he was willing (somewhat) to learn and he stood up for his patients and what he believe in.Too bad every doc isn’t this way.

      Miranda’s story didn’t bother me so much in that it was a bit soap opera-y. I’m a bit thankful we never had to really go down the road with this story before show’s demise. that’s probably the ONE good thing about show being cancelled. I HATE those types of story lines. Even Andy’s story with Lisa is walking a thin line IMO. But I think they way they have brought them together, the firting, the almost kiss….it’s laying a good groundwork and I’m happy they don’t have these two just jumping into bed. We’re establishing a professional respect and connection, a personal connection, something to give it a little bit of substance.

  4. A little eye roll, a little tongue porn. Up on the roof (singing). Dang now I want to be a medical device sales rep when I grow up. Dr. Andy, I will give you any devices you want.

    Oh yeah, the show story… We learn so much from these medical dramas. The other shows could take a lesson on promoting organ donation. And don’t give your kids a full bottle of pain relievers. Marital secrets, hoping real life doesn’t have as much of this as TV does.

    Thanks Kim. Brenda

  5. Oh my comment disappeared! 😆

    Sooo… This ep sorta scared me. The Tylenol thing was shocking bad news, and I once rode on a carnival ride similar to this Octopus, and the car in front of us flew off! No lie. 😯 So this ep was like a scary Halloween ep for me. 😦

    I agree that Andy was even more beautiful than usual, like they had learned how to shoot him, dress him, and light him so perfectly by now. PLenkov take notes!

    I must say tho, that the schizo nature of the ep made it a tough one for me… too many stories and stories within stories! You managed to sum it up very succinctly in your revue. You wanna give Showrunner a try? 😉

    • How it is that “darkness” is the bane of H50 screencapping is mindboggling to me. This is a show that at its best moments is beautifully bathed in natural light and yet that seems to work against us when seeing our beloved character’s faces in many many episodes… bring on the indoor lighting of 3R any day I say.

    • seriously GNP? HOLY SHITE!! that’s crazy! This was always my favorite ride at carnivals and fairs. Back when I was young and stupid….or had a good neck on my shoulders. 😉

      • Yeah, it was a little country fair. Also once went to a county fair where there was a little roller coaster… And one of the cars went over the side and fell to the ground. No one in it, thank God. So I no longer ride rides at carnivals. 😕

    • The Tylenol thing really made me sit up and take notice! I’ve never used quite that high a dosage, and I lean towards Advil or Naproxen, but I really do take something every day – so, yeah – I was interested in this information!

      And – YIKES with the ride falling apart on you!!! Thank heavens you werent in the one that came loose. Scary.

      Alex was great in this episode – so many emotions – and he is great at emotions. He was absolutely spectacular in this one. Unfff.

      Thanks for the kudos… and… as for Showrunner? NO! 😉

  6. Oh boy, what a GREAT picture spam. So great even I can’t think of the ep right now. LOL

    Thanks for another great post. Love these Sunday posts. One of your best ideas yet. Thank you, thanky you, thank you.

  7. Great recap Kimmer!! I agree with your conclusion…. lots going on, but not a lot of “there” there and not all the storylines held together thematically (at least that I can tell) the way the have in the first few episodes.

    The amusement park accident was really well done though, very intense. Even though it comes early in the episode it’s what I remember most. That and Lisa’s reaction to it all, the shoe washing, etc. Makes me wonder if 3R had lasted 3+ seasons if it would have been her character tic to lose it every time a child was in danger. Hmm.

  8. Was wondering where you were? Your page never showed up on my Word Press front page. Good thing I remember what day it was, Yes I am bit late but oh well. Anyhow…

    Love this episode. I like the little kid (who now plays Max on “Falling Skies”. He was a great Actor. “Where’s my raptor?”
    The fight for Koul, for the VAD. Dr. Lee walking up to Andy “Your not moving!” and then Dr. Lee using the computer, thought these guys knew how to use the computer cuz of logging in charts.
    I remember something about the girl and her overdose. I only remember the father who was donating the kidney from SG-1 and from NCIS episodes.
    but mostly I like the little kids story, and I agree with SJ2 – if the show went on long, would it be Dr. Lisa who would loose it, and leave cuz of a child injury!

    • Dr. Lee vs the computer was hilarious! I was going to say maybe the doctors aren’t trained in that area of the system. You know, how to look up sales reps, etc but then I remembered Andy saying he called that company several times himself. So nevermind. 😉 of course, Andy could have had Spongebob give him the info…

  9. Love seeing Andy (Alex) with Lisa ( Amber) act together. They were an item for over a year you know, to bad he didn’t get her a part on H5O, he got Holly a part on Moonlight.

  10. Well, to be honest, I don’t look for themes in the show. MAybe I’m too focused on the medical aspect, I’m not looking for a theme to tie it all together. I think this episode was here to set up some new character arcs. Kind of a transitional episode. Honestly I think this episode should have happened a lot sooner, in that one of the pitfalls of Three Rivers was it took too long to really care about most of the main characters but then that would have been time sacrificed from the medical stories. 😦

    When I was watching and screencapping this episode I probably DM’d, emailed and texted Kim about 50 times that Alex was killing me in this episode!! The early scenes with Kuol, Dr. Lee and Andy when Kuol realizes he’s getting worse. It was the FIRST time you see Kuol lose his patented smile and upbeat personality and it kicked me in my heart. Tears. My heart just broke for him and the way everyone cares for him….I mean, how can you get to know him and NOT care for him? Andy was like, “DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!!” Then Dr. Lee did. My first watch through I wasn’t a huge Dr. Lee fan…until this episode. Yeah, in the end he got the girl ….but he also accepted a year of engagements to get Kuol his VAD. That’s pretty huge. Andy with the child…especially when he woke up and he was going to take the breathing tube out. KILL. ME . NOW. I DM’d Kim (again) and said, do you think Alex is really this amazing with children or is it just an act??? Of course we believe it’s real….but it’s amazing to see onscreen as well.

    I also really fell for Dr. Reed in this episode. Her story may have been a bit cheesy but she acted the shit out of it and her scenes with Andy were always 150% enjoyable.

    Kim made a good point. No one died in this episode. That’s a good thing to show regarding organ donation. All these medical dilemmas were solved without a death. Good catch Kim!

    Next week is mine. Mandy Patinkin stars…for those of you that have seen it, you know what’s coming up! For those of you that haven’t…well…buckle up. IMO it’s one of the finest hours of TV EVER. I hope I can do it justice…..

    thanks Kim for your hard work this week! Well done! ❤

    • Thanks Ess! I was really taken by the fact that no one died in this one – and I don’t mean that in a cold hearted way, just that I thought it was something different and unexpected – and STILL demonstrated another area of donation whereby the donor lives (I know that there is a big episode coming up that addresses daisy chaining, but this one came out of the blue for me)

      I find myself liking the intertwined meanings that are often in Three Rivers. I think because it is more of a “cause” show that it works very well with the concept, whereas I don’t look for too much in a lot of other shows. I usually don’t notice the themes while I’m watching, but connect the dots afterwards – and that makes my analytical mind happy.

      • It’s not that I don’t think there are themes there…I just don’t look for them so I’m always impressed when you and Steph point them out. I always feel a bit d’oh, when you point them out because they’re right there staring me in the face. lol.

        • Well, hopefully the theme isn’t offended that you aren’t staring back. Even the theme knows that there is something much prettier to look at.

  11. anyone see Sophia Myles in outlanders today? love that show. loved the chemistry between her and mick.

  12. So, Thank you to Ess for fixing whatever that was that happened to the picspam. I really can’t say what exactly happened, which freaks me out because I don’t want it to happen again! Thank you all for commenting and for letting us know that something wasn’t working properly.

  13. Thanks Kim for another great recap!

    This episode focus on the organ donation by living donors – in this case: liver ( we will watch kidney donation in other episode). Yes, shows to people that you can help others being a healthy person. All you need only to be compatible with the recipient.

    I apologize for repeating myself but i love watching Dr. Andy and Kuol and in this episode i add Dr. Lee. The storyline and their performance were amazing.

    The picspam is awesome! Left me speechless, with difficulty breathing, drooling and sighing ……………..Please call Dr. Andy to take care of me or kill me at once.

    • Adding Dr. Lee into the Kuol and Dr. Andy “show” was genius. So good together!

      The upcoming daisy-chain donation episode is really cool. It takes a ton of coordination – but my mind is blown with the possibilities.

      Glad you enjoyed the recap!

  14. I hated the fact all I kept thinking about–when Alex wasn’t on screen, that is–was I still need to watch last night’s episode of True Blood.

    Besides that, I loved this episode and all the twists and turns. But why didn’t she just kiss him? I know, not the right time. Of course, her eyes kept getting stuck on his chest. Can’t blame her there. 🙂

    • I know!!!! KISS HIM!!!! Or, fondle him or SOMETHING!!! I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. LOL.

      Speaking of True Blood – the gymnasts mom was Pam. It was so funny watching her be this prim and proper (well, until we found out about her indiscretions) lady after being so used to her being a total beeyotch! “I’m so sick of Sookie with her precious fairy vag and her fing stupid name!! <<< one of my favorite Pam lines EVER.

      • “fondle him…” YES! That sounds like a good plan. I’m in.

        That’s what I meant about True Blood. I guess I should have said that she plays Pam on True Blood–didn’t even think there might be some who didn’t know. When I saw her on this epi, all I could think of was Pam, which then made me think of Eric, then Alex would come on and snap me back. I think I got whiplash from thinking of one hot Alex and then the other hot Alex. 😛

        Anyway, I couldn’t believe she could play such a nice person on here, sort of. Great actress obviously because she was convincing on here and she’s convincing as Pam.

  15. Episode was OK, maybe because it was a bit too “soapy” for me, between the “revelation” of the relationship between Sophia and Miranda’s dad, the backstory for Lisa (way to cliched for me) and the paternity issue with the little boy. Other than Alex looking spectacular and Kuol being Kuol, I couldn’t get into it. And I hesitate to put this out there, I realize I am in total minority: I’m not a fan of Lisa the character. Actress is fine (I didn’t know they were dating the first time I watched the show), I guess its the storyline- hot, sort-of-married doc and the cute blond resident flirting with each other, I don’t feel it. Just too predictable. But its not awful and does result in quite a few swoony moments, so I rally and ignore myself.

    The Tylenol/Liver connection – SO HAPPY they put this out there. So many people do not know this. My husband couldn’t take anything but Tylenol for years, and I would monitor his usage like a hawk. He had no clue that too much could mess the liver up so badly. That said, I eat advil like candy, so who am I to talk.

    Great recap, I especially enjoy the recaps of the episodes I don’t particularly like, it helps me see beyond my own thoughts, and appreciate it more through your enthusiasm! And sorry this is so late, can I blame the heat melting my brain? LOL

    • I can see where you’re coming from, Duff. This ep was absolutely more character-focused, and we all have our own personal lines drawn as to where the character stuff crosses the line into “soap opera” and takes time away from the medical drama (the “procedural” aspect of the show). This one was much more character focused and did rely on a few cliches along the way (but cliches are cliches for a reason…. they are popular and “work” when they are well done!). Thanks for saying the recaps help you “see beyond your own thoughts” I love that!! Great way of putting it. Thanks for your support!

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