#AlexOLoughlin with Hawaii’s Pacific Knights as seen on H50 3.22

Photo credits to Tip Gilbert

Thanks to Alex O’Loughlin Journal Facebook for the find.


ps…lots of new pics showing up yesterday and today….apologies in advance for the amount of posts coming your way today. Somehow I think you might not mind though. 😉


31 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin with Hawaii’s Pacific Knights as seen on H50 3.22

  1. Alex loves his bikes eh?
    Look how lovingly is looking at “her” in the pic with the cigar 🙂
    BTW I’m against smoking but I find Alex with a cigar quite sexy!
    O’Loughlin effect…..

  2. Feel free to full our e-mail box. We love to receive new pics and news everyday and all the time. He really has a passion for bikes. He looks like a little kid with a new toy.

    • No, was so focused on Alex and his joy for the bikes that i not noticed Dusty in the pictures. AOL effects not problems with the glasses.

    • That’s hilarious–I missed her too, and she’s front and center in the group shots. I was too busy looking at big grey Ford truck in background–Alex’s? And what are the rails for? Boat?

      • I don’t know if that’s his truck or not, AlexNymph…I think they have a van that totes them around from location to location so I don’t know why he’d have his truck there.

      • FOUND HER!!
        I was also going to comment on the cigar, but I see you gals have already covered that 🙂

    • Karen I thought you were talking about Dusty sitting on the bike! LOL!! I’m scrolling through the pics wondering how the hell i missed that! hahahaha!

    • Jeez, ESS! I’m having a hard enough time just spotting Dusty, what with Alex front and center and so freakin cute in all these pics. Now you want us to regard her attire? But I did sorta look. I don’t notice pants, but then his white ones keep distracting me FROM THE SCOOTER DOG! LOL!

      And sorry i’m not more help. 😉

    • ESS Darling IF Miss Dusty IS wearing pants then she has NOT been fixed and is probably in her heat cycle and it is a protective garment to prevent the males from having their “Way” with her. Perhaps aAex has future plans to breed her He could make a FORTUNE for his charities with her puppies!!!!

      • Oh! d’oh! Ok that makes sense…especially since they’re a set full of doggies. She just looks so funny! Seriously, am i the only one that sees she has something on? Why am i focusing on the scooter dog? Because it’s Dusty and Dusty is NEVER a scooter! 🙂

        • You know ESS if my theory is correct and I was lucky enough to buy one of Dusty’s puppies that is exactly what i would call it !!! SCOOTER

          • Omg!! If the baby rumors are true I’m hoping they name their next child Scooter!

            Saxon, Spike, Lion and Scooter!

            (I’m kidding y’all….kind of)

        • There’s another picture that I’ve seen the “other” end of Dusty and she isn’t wearing pants (OMG typing that is the BEST thing all day) so maybe someone tied a bandanna on her or something, because she definitely is sporting blue PLAID in that one picture.

  3. Dusty is definitely wearing something there, can’t tell what for sure, but it’s BLUE.

    When I see him ogling a motorcycle like that, I just can’t help thinking he’d love mine. Then I can’t help picturing him on it. Then I have to picture myself climbing on behind him and holding onto him… You get the idea. 😀

    • Lmao! The “baby tumors” is an hilarious typo…because I’m sick in the head and only 12. 😉 thanks for that giggle! ❤

      IF I see confirmation of the rumors I will make a post and credit the source.

      To my knowledge, nothing has been publicly confirmed or denied.

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