White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin

Three Rivers rewatch in 3.5 weeks!!!!

Dr. Andy is thinking about what he wants to comment on….




20 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin

  1. I think he’s thinking about my panties. My panties are certainly thinking about him. Looking forward to the rewatch! {fingertwitch} Thx for the post, Kim!

  2. Does he ever think about how fiiiiine he is? I mean how do you look in the mirror every day and at some point not go “Damn! I’m fine”! Cuz that picture is killer. God bless him.

  3. As someone who spends a fair bit of it time in a hospital, I must confess to being a teensy bit jealous that none of my docs look like him!! Not even a little… I know it’s a big, big ask, but can’t help but feel that the road back to full health would be shorter with a doc like that helping, though there would be permanent confusion about an elevated pulse…. πŸ˜‰

  4. Dr. Andy is thinking about what he wants to comment on …. a summer of intense work. But he still did not realize how many appointments will perform from June 2 and for thirteen weeks. We are many and there are several check-ups to make so do not know how it will organize the agenda. Sundays will be a lot of work for him and our felicidade. McHottie at Summer on H50Bamf!!

  5. Sorry Ladies, you are all wrong! He is thinking about how to tell you all that he is coming to stay with me to be my sex slave………………so there MWAH!!!!!

  6. I would like to “comment” on the Hotness of Dr Andy Thefine ERRR Yablonski. Unfortunately my Breath is coming in orgasmic panting making speech impossible !!! Dr Andy can i have my heart back please your face seems to have stolen it !!!!

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