Thigh Holster Thursday – **warning** #AlexOLoughlin #H50

Today’s Thigh Holster Thursday brought to you by the 25th Infantry Division Facebook Page.

It just doesn’t get better than this.


Pic has been edited by me. Original can be found on their FB page.

He’s not just damn handsome in it he’s damn convincing in it. Never a second of doubt that he’s a bad ass SEAL and someone you do not want to fk with.


41 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday – **warning** #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. Hm, on comparing the original photo and your ^UP^graded pic and on realising that I’m unlikely to get my hands on the subject of the photo, I have one wish: to have your photo editing programme, or alternately, to have your photo editing skills, whichever is responsible for ^ THIS ^. How weird am I? < Now I see that this lengthy comment could have been replaced by a simple THANK YOU and LIKE. I mean: LOVE.

  2. Let’s see…head to toe McG ….wearing his navy seal death stare…and cammo…and a TH….YEP…DEFINATELY doesn’t get any better than that!!!!!!

  3. ESS and Kim, I just want to say, a big THANK YOU to for always finding the positive, funny, beauty and naughty of Alex and H5-0. You are great fans and ambassadors!!β™₯

  4. I think his shoes look small in comparison to his height, wasn’t he supposed to have a size 11? Or maybe he’s just HUGE and that’s what makes his feet seem smaller! No kidding, he’s just one frkn hot man, hands like a bear, and since yesterday, everytime I see this hands, I see them crawling up on Cath’s side πŸ˜‰ seriously, it will never be the same with his hands again πŸ˜† NEVER!

    • It was a rare woman who didn’t get all tingly when he did that to her shirt! I mean, he didn’t just reach over and pull it up, he…..his fingers….Um, I’m at work and dont need to go further with this thought. Tune in Sunday to pic spam for further details.

      *reaches over and turns on desk fan*

  5. I can’t stop watching this episode. Alex in uniform rocks. Hope he gets nominated for an emmy. Going to watch again before going to bed nite all!!!

  6. I agree with you. Alex’s posture makes us believe that it is military, with special training, and that is innate to him.
    The ability to embody the characters is amazing and witnessed his dedication and talent in each. I assure you that is not for everyone. TY for this pic.

  7. I just noticed the text below the pic. Was it always there and I didn’t notice for obvious reasons?? LOL πŸ™‚ What you say >>> “Never a second of doubt that he’s a bad ass SEAL and SOMEONE YOU DO NOT WANT TO FK WITH” – totally ACA to the first part, but the second part of the sentence is wrong, I think it should properly read SOMEONE YOU DO WANT TO FK. Of course, as a nonnative speaker, I might have confused the meaning.

  8. So VERY VERY Happy to see this gorgeous picture and read these fun and loving comments after ALL the negativity I’ve been reading around our other WP Blogs. Thank you so much to all XOOX

  9. Where’s the fuckin “I LOVE” button????
    This is the perfect picture. Thank you ESS!!! Did anyone say Thank You to Mr O’Loughlin??? For being that perfect? For being a great actor? Or better to say, for being the character?
    Uhm, back to the picture… *thud* That uniform… *sigh* Yes, I’m still alive Ladies πŸ™‚ I survived Ep20.

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