For my friend @westy5oh – I got your 6 (ok,it’s McG’s 6) #alexoloughlin

I’m sorry you’ve had a tough week, my friend.  I hate those weeks when you feel like you can’t do anything right, nothing you do seems like it helps, you wonder who really cares and does anyone really have my back??

Well, you need to know I totally have your 6!!

I wanted to prove it to you but since I don’t have any pictures of YOUR 6…I figured this substitution would do nicely. 🙂 #ammirite??

19 thoughts on “For my friend @westy5oh – I got your 6 (ok,it’s McG’s 6) #alexoloughlin

  1. I’m a bad cyber bestie…..I got so caught up in dat a$$ – I didn’t send you a hug!!
    and a reminder that killering co-workers is against the rules!
    McG will not come to arrest you!! Jail is not a fun place…etc…etc..

  2. Oh my. I would love for my 6 and McG’s 6 to make each other’s acquaintance. Thanks Ess and all of you for your kind thoughts. The good news is that after a tough week, it’s FRIDAY, end of month, and Not McG has his company Christmas party tonight at a big, fancy hotel.

    So I’m gonna put on my dancing shoes, get my drink on and party like its 1999!


  3. Dance..the night away. Toast the person you feel needs it… you always been kind to me.. and many other fans. Your writing is amazing.


  4. lawdamercy, than man’s 6. well. well. *fans self* (high noon. sigh.)
    and westy, we have not met, but i am sending you such positive thoughts; hope your weekend is great.

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