BTS photo from 11/27/12 #alexoloughlin #danieldaekim #h50

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9 thoughts on “BTS photo from 11/27/12 #alexoloughlin #danieldaekim #h50

  1. Okay, I love Daniel, but look at the difference in the two pics. Alex puts his arms around the girls and Daniel doesn’t. Just saying our man is the best. Love how touchy, feely he is. Can’t you just imagine those hands on your shoulders–and other places?

  2. Lorraine, giving Daniel credit, he may have had his hands on their backs where it’s not showing. (possibly) but no one can argue our boy is very affectionate. Also, the girls are up under his arms too (smart girls) where they’re not with Daniel.

    If it were me, I would’ve hoped to see them both at the same time then asked for a Man-which. <<–this.

  3. Lucky girls, when will it be my turn?
    I always love to see the way Alex hugs people, he puts some feelings in what he does 🙂
    Having said that I really like Daniel too so i wouldn’t mind a pic with him.
    A Man-which sounds really tasty @ESS

  4. DDK seems like a lovely man to me and I’d be thrilled to meet him and have a photo taken with him. I’d probably be less flustered than being around Alex. I am dead sure I’d go all red in the face and mumble something completely incoherent if I ever meet Alex in person 🙂

    • Andrea I’m the same way. I actually don’t have a big desire to meet Alex because I’d just be stupid flustered. I know it! Might be with Daniel too. Who knows…but probably less 😉

      • I’m with you, Ess. The only celebrity I have met (and been photographed with) is John Travolta. He was in Briz in 2010 for the 90th birthday celebrations for QANTAS. I have a friend who works for QANTAS so she got us in, and we were lucky enough to score a ticket that entitled us to a photo. I think I mumbled something incoherent then, too, and I’m not the ‘same kind of fan’ of John Travolta as I am of Alex 🙂

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