19 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #BAMF

  1. I have absolutely nothing to say here! It’s all hidden in my mind, because it’s so so S.O. naughty !! And so so over18!!!
    Thanks so verymuch! This is so frknhot!

  2. My vote goes to Alex, he just knew that adding that little bit of extra to the strut (hand on waist line) he could finish us off 🙂
    Also love the ´n synch strut a´la Buddies 🙂

    • This was from his “sick” time–he was losing weight–needed to keep the pants up because he was too weak to fend off the slutpile.

  3. Exactly Paula – I remember watching this episode and find the syn strut so damned sexy. Alex looked liked a total boss.

    • “The grabbing” – he just does it so naturally and i think in his moves is a lot of alex! … And that is so sexy!

  4. This gif is triggering some serious ménage a trios feels! What a fantasy to have these two strutting to your hotel room in suit and tie. YUMM YUMM. Danny isn’t usually my type, but he’d be a nice side dish or appetizer for the main course that is McGarrett! Mmmm…what’s for dessert? 😛

    • Greedy!!!LOL……..but who wants to be on a diet? they also look like if they have eaten already…..specially McGarrett……

  5. I know that in this gif there are two handsome men but i only have eyes for one. Which one you might ask? The taller, with tux, open collar, grabbing his belt and walking like a boss. TY

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