Beach encounter fan pic from 2012 #AlexOLoughlin

For my non-tweeters, Christina Wilke kindly gave us permission to share this photo of hers.

Thanks Christina!Β 

“Just wanted to share a picture with you of Kevin,a friend of mine from Oahu, and Alex! It was taken a while ago (22nd Dec 2012 if I’m not mistaken) on Waikiki beach when Alex was there with Malia & lil Lion”

2012 Dec 22 Christina Wilke

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17 thoughts on “Beach encounter fan pic from 2012 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Thank you Christina!
    no wonder he loves Hawaii so much, he can sit on a beach in waikiki full of tourists and not a single photo gets out.

  2. Thank you Christina!!! God lord, I love how low his boardies are…YUMMM! I want to rub lotion all over him. Sunglasses, hat, shirtless, tatts, and “man dents” …oh yes, I am going to have some wonderful dreams tonight πŸ™‚

  3. Great pic Christina!! Thank you for allowing ESS to share it with us fangirls!!!
    I’m so happy that Alex is treated so well in Hawaii and that he and his family get to enjoy at least a little anonymity!
    Oh…and…damn he looks F.I.N.E

  4. Awesome that he and family can relax unmolested. Yet he’s still so sweet to pose with a fan. I wonder how little Lion likes the beach. I guess he better love it!

  5. Looking at the pic…again…. I’m thinking I hope he took that necklace off at some point or he’s going to have a really awkward (but kinda cool) tan line. πŸ˜‰

    Also, why is everyone on the beach NOT STARING AT HIM!! They’re getting a great view of THAT BACK and the FWA!!! What the hell is wrong with them??

    • They must be suffering from heatstroke? It’s the only logical explanation cuz even if you didn’t know who he is (wtf?) he’s still a HOT guy with tats in low hung boardies and an awesome hat…COME.ON.PEOPLE!!

  6. He can stay and live there as long as he wants and become a surfer as it seems thta is what he loves doing it being in Hawaii and stay there. He loves Hawaii sure for not being much unnoticed but M is a local celebrity so it is not really they go unnoticed and everyone knows who she and he is. I just wonder why we never seen a pic of Malia and Alex together at all. Just Alex apart and Malia apart with little Spike but never together recently. Hawaii is not like the best city to develop your career in the movie or tv business so if H50 wont succeed (and I hope that wont happen) Will Alex move to LA with all his entire family or he will travel back and forth to Hawaii as he already is settled in Hawaii and it seems he does not want to leave ever Hawaii, looks like he had became a Hawaiian citizen LOL LOL!!!! I mean he has to expand his acting skills and Hawaii not the best place to do it so if you ask me. Alex is agreat actor I just dont want to see his acting career passed by his eyes, just because he does not want to leave Hawaii.

  7. Love those low boardies! I was also wondering why Alex and Malia didn’t pose for one picture together at that recent fundraiser that he hosted. They seemed to be okay with photos from public events. But, just keep the photos of Alex coming and I’m a happy girl!

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