Alex hanging with Xzibit at recording studio in HI #AlexOLoughlin #Xzibit

Thanks to Gaylord Kalani Holomalia Facebook for the pic and story.

Dec 17, 2013

Xzibit was here for the Dr. Dre sessions at Island Sound Studios and brought by Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii Five O to check out the recording session.


Mahalo to Five-0 Redux for the heads up.


7 thoughts on “Alex hanging with Xzibit at recording studio in HI #AlexOLoughlin #Xzibit

    • Me too. It’s just AMAZING how he transforms from McG to Alex and looks 10 yrs younger. lol. McG carrys the weight of the world on his shoulders, even when he’s happy…but Alex, he’s different.

  1. Looking to the pic and thinking that Ess must be sad. Even when he’s off work, he choose wearing a blue t-shirt. Of all the colours that Egan and Alex’s T-shirts collection, he picks the blue one. May be he’s teasing you? You don’t mind to let him do it to you?

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