Kimmer’s H50BAMF Daily Theme Rapp Sheet @kimphin1

Ok!!! In honor of Kimmer’s birthday and her one year of loyal and amazing service to H50BAMF themes, I present to you, Kimmer’s Daily Theme Rapp Sheet. Her best dailies as chosen by you, the fans.

Moonlight Monday

Surprised? Maybe it’s not a favorite of the Mick/Coraline shippers but you can’t argue a wet Mick is a happy ESS, I mean, a wet Mick is a sexy Mick. In other words.


29% of the vote

choice #3  Feb. 4, 2013

choice #3
Feb. 4, 2013


Topless Tuesday

This wasn’t even a fair fight in my book. I mean, it’s tough having to choose a FAVORITE shirtless Alex but shirtless, running, ballcap and in shorts? It’s a no brainer.


29% of the vote

choice #6 Dec. 18, 2012

choice #6
Dec. 18, 2012


White Hot Wednesday

I gotta admit, I was pulling for Dr. Andy…though I will never be sad to look at this photo. Simply Alex at his finest. 


36% of the vote and a sizeable margin

choice #6 Sept. 25, 2013

choice #6
Sept. 25, 2013


Everyone’s favorite day of the week and one of the hardest to capture:  

Thigh Holster Thursday

This was a tight one and I don’t just mean McG’s pants! (boo)

Winning by a margin of one half a percentage point #6

20.56% of vote

choice #6 Oct. 10, 2013

choice #6
Oct. 10, 2013


My favorite day of the week:

Fabulous Face Friday

I’m honestly very shocked this one won, though I picked it as a contender so it’s not like I don’t love it. I just didn’t think everyone else would love it as much as meeee!

McRoll + Clueless Steve = Priceless

(or is it just him sticking his fingers in his mouth, you bunch of pervs!)

29% of the vote and a sizeable margin

choice #7 Dec. 21, 2012

choice #7
Dec. 21, 2012


Last but not least, the day we all suffer from H50 hangover… 

Kevlar Saturday

I now see that I screwed up the choice #s and the dates so who the hell knows if this is correct. (that’s what I get for posting these at roughly 2 a.m.) OOPS!

Simple S1 Kevlar + grabby hands = happy BAMF readers

30% of the votes and a landslide majority

choice #4 July 22, 2013

choice #4
July 22, 2013


Thank you to everyone who participated and commented and helped celebrate Kim’s birthday. I *wish* I could do this for everyone but I’d never survive it!! haha! To steal a line from several comments: a birthday for ONE is a birthday celebration for ALL!  

Happy Birthday y’all!!  

Especially Kim & S!Zz who really did have a birthday today 😉


30 thoughts on “Kimmer’s H50BAMF Daily Theme Rapp Sheet @kimphin1

  1. Great results! Even when some of them weren’t what I chose, they were still awesome!

    Thank you so much Ess and the rest of my super special 5-Ho’ s, and to all of you who commented, voted, and sent me birthday wishes… you all made this a terrific day, and warmed my heart. You are all in my soul.

    Here’s to a great upcoming year! MAHALO!

  2. This was a very special birthday gift for an awesome young lady: you, Kim <3….I'm sure you had a great day . TY to H50 bamf girls who made it and share it with us…

    I'm so glad almost all my choices won! I liked it

  3. Happy birthday, Kimmy! Sorry, but I waited to see the results of polls and I am more than happy with it!
    I hope you had the best day of the year, wish you lots of love, hapiness and health in next 365 days untill next birthday! Hugs and kisses ❤

  4. Oh, this was so much fun. Thank you for this. And I totally agree with all the winners, except for one. I just couldn’t vote for winner of Topless Tuesday, that picture was too private for my taste.

    My favorite of all the winners is Fabulous Friday Face. Sigh. Love it.

  5. It’s so much fun to celebrate friend’s birthdays here on H50BAMF. Mark on your calendar girls, May 16th and December 18th, are the best days on this special blog.

    Kim, I’m happy to hear that you had a terrific day, full of love, but is no surprising because you deserve it!

    Of all 6 pics just in one i didn’t voted – Fabulous Face Friday, but it was a fun and special way to celebrate this day with all of you, especially with Kim. Thank you!

  6. It was a great birthday!!!
    For Kim, for me, for all the ladies 🙂
    Thanks so much for all the great posts you do. I’m a bad blogger *lol*
    But I’d learned something about Ohana this year. Your “real” family isn’t always your Ohana. MAHALO Ladies!!! (and the few gents out there)

  7. This was so much fun, i mean, your birthdays were so much fun 😀 !!
    I loved all the pics – every’one has a story to it and i could talk about it for hours…, days…., month!!!
    But time is so limited at the moment (RL&christmas=knocked down) so i will stick to one
    the kevlar
    him pulling at it “shudder” – gets me everytime!

    And fab face: it’s his wtf face and his hand near his mouth that made us vote, we just couldn’t help! We’re a bunch of mcpervs!

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