It’s @kimphin1’s birthday! Let’s start the celebration Moonlight style! #AlexOLoughlin #SophiaMyles

Today is Editor Kimphin1’s birthday! YAY!!

Almost 3 yrs ago (only 3??) when I *discovered* Alex, I made an even better discovery….I found H50Sardonic and in the process, I met Kim.  We’ve been inseparable since then! She’s been my rock, my partner, sometimes instigator (hee), sometimes follower but has always, always, been by my side and had my 6 through every high and every low. She’s my oldest and bestest online friend. We often say “two heads one brain” and it’s true. We laugh together and we dream together (kaikoo!)  but mostly we just *get* each other. Enough with the sappy stuff? ok, one last bit…

Kim, I love you, adore you and think the world of you!  I hope you have the best birthday ever and I hope *29* brings you all the joy, love and prosperity you can possibly endure. 🙂

In honor of your birthday and in celebration for the one year of helping out with the daily themes, we’re going to let the fans decide which of your themes was the best and tonight at 11PM we’ll post a compilation of all the winners in your very own Rapp Sheet.

We’ll start out with Moonlight Monday with your top 6 creations as chosen by @H50JunkDrawer

(anyone see the similarities in Steph’s choices besides me? lol)

You can choose TWO!

choice #1 11/19/12

choice #1
Nov 19, 2012

choice #2  Jan 12, 2013

choice #2
Jan 12, 2013

choice #3  Feb. 4, 2013

choice #3
Feb. 4, 2013

choice #4 April 22, 2013

choice #4
April 22, 2013

choice #5 July 8, 2013

choice #5
July 8, 2013

choice #6 Oct 14, 2013

choice #6
Oct 14, 2013

Voting is open until 10PM.

Screencaps by H50BAMF

Moonlight property of CBS. 

40 thoughts on “It’s @kimphin1’s birthday! Let’s start the celebration Moonlight style! #AlexOLoughlin #SophiaMyles

  1. Happy Birthday, Kim!! Hoping your 29th will be your best birthday ever! 😉

    ESS, are you sure this first poll is for Moonlight and not a Fabulous Face Friday? Love to you and your wonderful team–a birthday for one is a birthday for all!

  2. oh! This will be such fun! sooo fuuun!(hmm… already haven’t chosen the front runners, lol… that’s so me!) Great choices Steph!

    And, Ess… my cyber bestie…. your words have me a little weepy (happy emo, If that’s a thing). But then I read *kaikoo* and I’m laughing myself silly. I love you tons and tons. Doing the themes has been a blast… almost as fun as meeting up in Niagara Falls! highlight of the year!

    Bring on the polls!

    • I’m evil like that. hahaha! I admit I got a little emo writing them too…then a lot of laughing! *two heads same brain*

      I love you, girlfriend!! NF was the best and hopefully just the first. 🙂

      Next poll, 6 a.m. EST time! Get some sleep birthday girl!

  3. …”Estas son las ma~nanitas que cantaba el rey David, a las muchachas bonitas se las cantamos asi : Despierta mi bien despierta, mira que ya amanecio, ya los pajarillos cantan, la luna ya se metio….” Las ma~nanitas is like our happy birthday song and very early in the morning families use to wake up the birthday girl/ boy playing this song…..
    I wish for you an entire year of life fulled with health and joy because the rest of things are possible if you are happily healthy and every project you dream and desire comes true . I take the change to thank you for this amazing and funny work you do every day on the blog and that you, ESS and SJ2 share with all of us.
    It’s so beautiful to see that real and sincere friendship can grow through online medias despite the bad things said about frienships ‘ internet.


  4. Happy b’day, Quimmer, and many more! (Oops, we’re not to that series yet!) You girls are the best! And happy to see “Kicker” involved. Don’t see you on here too much — miss you!

  5. Happy Birthday babe!! and happy “H50BAMFniversary” as an editor!
    Wishing you a year full of good things, because it’s what you deserve!! Mwahhh!!!

    BTW, If your birthday begins this way, I’m afraid to think about how it will end! LOL

  6. It’s me again 🙂
    Happy Happy Birthday Kim!!! Is it the right time now???? Timezones confusing me… 😉

    ESS, your words… Just beautiful.
    If I could, I’d hug you both. So, feel hugged 😉

  7. Well the “two heads one brain” thing is working for y’all. I mean, look at this gorgeous busy happy place y’all run! Happy day, Kim….and many many Alex-filled more. 🙂

  8. Happy birthday. This site brings so much joy and happyness to my life, and you are a big part of that too. So thank you, and I hope you will have a great day and a glorious year!

  9. Happy Birthday Kim! I wish you all the best. That your dreams, wishes and goals will come true. I hope that you, my favorite McNerd, have a special day today, full of joy and laughter. Your hard work on this blog is always appreciated as well your witty comments. We are far but close to heart.

  10. Happy Birthday Kim! Hope your day is full of love, happiness and CAKE (especially cake)!

    I’ve said it before, but birthdays round here are awesome, we ALL get presents!

  11. Happy Birthday Kim! I hope your day is special. And not that average kind of special but the Alex in your dreams…nekkid…kind of special! You deserve it girl.

  12. HAppy Birthday Kim, I raise my glass {Not to “ALEX”S GORGEOUS GLORIOUS ASS} this time but to you and to Ess for all the wonderful posts and the beauty of the friendship between the two of you.

  13. Happy Birthday Kim! Love all your ML Monday pics! Hope you had a wonderful day and have sweet *cough* dreams about MickLicious, or whatever persona you prefer Alex to convey. If you need help thinking of one…I’ve got a very LONG NAUGHTY list. 😛

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