#H50 filming near #WaikikiBeach today. #AlexOLoughlin #HawaiiFive0

a lucky fan spied #H50 filming today near Queen’s Beach where SOTB is held.  Thanks to @cparton01 for sharing on Instagram




Alex_filming_queensbeach_121713_3cparton01_IGThanks to @AlexyNay at  Alex O’Loughlin Journal for the heads up.  and may I say, you’re looking fine, Mr O’Loughlin



9 thoughts on “#H50 filming near #WaikikiBeach today. #AlexOLoughlin #HawaiiFive0

    • LOL that’s true Rita! I’m totally starting a rumor with this pic that Alex lost part of his left leg in a XXX accident. (no i’m not…but it would be hella funny to watch who believes it, yeah?)

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