More #H50 cast goodies from the Kokua FTP Telethon #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark

So much fun seeing our cast together and for a good cause ❤

It’s especially nice to see smaller cast members, Al Harrington and Dennis Chun having fun with the main cast. I’d love to see more of that!  Watching the live feed yesterday, that was a real treat. Oh and seeing WoFat and McG sit side by side, laughing and hugging = priceless.

Thanks to @alexynay from Alex O’Loughlin Journal for the head’s up on all these treats! ❤


11 thoughts on “More #H50 cast goodies from the Kokua FTP Telethon #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark

  1. I love how they all interact with Teilor. Lucky girl has a big group of aunties and uncles.

    Alex hugged Mark Dacascos right at the end. They really all genuinely like one another and that makes my heart happy.

  2. Those are special people!
    Their smiles are genuine and even Chi is already a part of this team! We all knew that Alex is a caring person but my little fangirl-heart is full of pride every time I see him trying to support and help others.
    Just wish I had some of this energy Alex seems to have.

  3. did you notice that, everytime crew has some kind of charity, Scott is MIA? I mean, he does so much charity in Los Angeles, but here – almost whole crew of the show is there, especially Alex, Daniel and Grace, but Scott is not! I would just like to know why he always ditches them for surfing or anything else, if charity is so important to him?

  4. “So much fun seeing our cast together and for a good cause”. Yes, fun and proud! I always advocate that we must be a example for others and they are for sure. Great people for great causes.

  5. They are my superheroes on TV and also in RL. Congratulations and so much respect to you all <3……Alex will have a penthouse in heaven for sure ( I could be his maid for all eternity 😛 )

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