Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

That look!


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  1. Thank you Kim. I always try to come up with something witty to say in the face of such smexiness and invariably it will always come back to one word – UNF! Sorry, that’s all I got and probably will ever have. I said it before and I will say it again, for me, Mick St. John is the smexiest (and sexiest) TV character, vampire, or otherwise there will ever be. The way he walks (I defy anyone to watch him move and tell me any different), talks and breathes are just downright undergarment-destroying.

    Mick you smexy, smexy man-god.

  2. So given the post over at Intense Study, about McG’s faces in the last ep, this post really makes me think about Alex’s talent again. I mean, this is not a look we see on McG’s face. This is a Mick look. This actor creates internal lives for his characters, somehow, and they often have facial expressions that are almost unique to them. He does repeat expressions sometimes, of course, but it is amazing to me how often a particular smile, stare, or look to the eyes is really reserved for a particular one of his characters. Does he practice in the mirror? How does he do that? And why do reporters never ask stuff like this????

    • That would actually be my first question if I ever were so lucky to question him. 🙂 How does he create his different unique characters, and how he manage to keep them mostly separate.
      What I found most impressive is how he can turn off Alex, turn around and be Steve McG. Amazing.

    • It is pretty cool – and one of the things I find fascinating about him. He can look so different depending on the role, or even depending on who he is interacting with within a role (he definitely has McG have a certain look when he’s with Cath, for instance). I love that he’s had 4 years now to add to McG’s looks – they are all within character, but he has refined them beyond the stone faced SEAL scowl. Love it.

      If he practices in the mirror…. I want to be there.

  3. Grace, i agree with all that you said. He is born to be an actor. He is very talented and gives attention to all the details to built a character. He is a perfectionist in every move, look, tone of voice, accent. And by doing that we clearly identify each character he did and does, because all have something to feature and highlight.

    And Kim, i want to be there too. Thank you for this pic today.

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