Kokua for the Philippines c/o KSSK radio #AlexOLoughlin #MarkDacascos

Hawaiian Radio Statioin KSSK has shared their photos from the telethon: HERE

All Alex related pics below ❀

All posted pics for the Koku FTP telethon will be posted to our Facebook Gallery.

Thanks to @alexynay at Alex O’Loughlin Journal for the heads up! ❀


14 thoughts on “Kokua for the Philippines c/o KSSK radio #AlexOLoughlin #MarkDacascos

    • Not surprised at all. lol!! The entertainer that he is. They should have forgotten the music portion and just let Alex entertain us for a few hours doing random sh/t like this. I’d have paid top dollar just to watch him goof off.

    • Me too! I saw this on the video right before they took it and Alex was grabbing Dennis so he couldn’t get away and then finally they took this pic together. It was cute.

  1. totes adorbs!!! It is heart-warming to see them all giving to help the people of the Philippines! And I love that Alex looks just like himself: hair a bit of a mess, casual clothes, happy…. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, luna! Definitely happy and comfortable with himself and ready to joke around. Plus, unnnnfff…. hands and guns and that damn smile just all casually sitting there, like they aren’t all that when they abso-freakin-lutely are! :mrgreen:

  3. The pics are adorable and their hearts are huge! I loved watch all the pics. Thank you for sharing with us. I didn’t knew about this event, but glad they went, contributed and collaborated with such joy, that makes me be proud of them.

  4. Love that the cast turned out to help – we know how busy they are! Alex looks amazing as always! I wonder if I will EVER get over him….

    On a total side note, very excited to see GP back, she looks great. Xx

    • IKR? It has been a great few months for Alex news/pics. From SOTB to his AIF award, all this little things he’s been doing for charity and little events and who knows maybe he’ll be at the G’Day USA thing next month and possibly the TASTY awards so there may still be more coming up which would be awesome!

      • Oh, I forgot about the TASTY awards. Do you think it’s too late to get tickets–I’m working up an appetite πŸ˜‰

  5. they ‘re all lovely pics and it seems they spent a good time together and smiling……the only one that maybe not was the miss hawaiian…..lol!,( you can see the photo in the anterior post and this one)….

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