Press photos for #H50 4.12 – O kela me keia manawa (Now and Then) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

Mahalo to Alex O’Loughlin’s Place for the promo pics for 4.12 which I believe is scheduled to air Jan 10th (but not confirmed yet)  Will let you know when the press release comes out.

Click on the photo below to be taken to their gallery of promo pics.

How much do I love this pic? let me count the ways:

1. McGrover

2. Team Green Shirt

3. Attitude

4. Alex’s faaaace

5. Chi’s faaaace

Yep, yep…that’ll do!



17 thoughts on “Press photos for #H50 4.12 – O kela me keia manawa (Now and Then) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

  1. January 10.. What we have to wait that long, Oh my.. Um.. How??

    Oh and that above picture ACA to all the above also! 🙂

  2. Let me add one more please:
    6. HAAAAAIR!
    When I hear January 10 th it feels so far….. until next year!!!! Come on! They’re killing us by pauses……( I know, it’s a little drama but anyway…… far!). Are we gonna have 4.11 next friday?

    • Oh, January 10th will be here soon enough. Just wait, next week is Christmas, and then it’s only 3 weeks ahead. You won’t even notice it. At least I won’t. 😉

      You’re right, next friday we have the Christmas episode (4.11). And I think January 10th for 4.12 is confirmed now.

      • TY Miracle, I know you try to comfort me but you made me realize they are 3 WEEEEEEEKS, nooooooooo!!!!!……….I’m sure you won’t feel time passing by because Christmas is a very special time in Germany…..I lived in Mainz and I missed hanging out to the Christmas markets and drink a few cups of hot wine 😛

  3. A bit disappointed… 😉 Only 3 pics so far??? Want some more McGrover and very very VERY good looking Steve!!!

    Btw… Their difference in height never ceases to amaze me…

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