#H50 cast mans the phone bank for KokuaFTP fundraiser

Some compiled treats from today’s Kokua for the Philippines telethon

From @kokuaftp Instagram a short video: http://instagram.com/p/h9j3xnSOHW/


thanks to #Five0Redux FB page  and @amybakari for this photo kukoaFTP_H50cast KukoaFTP_ddk_markdascascos_alex

from the kokuaFTP instagram 


my own screencap from the live feed

AidanJamesTwitter_kokuaFTP_3amigos AidanJamesTwitter_kokuaFTP_cast @aidanjames shared these via twitter


23 thoughts on “#H50 cast mans the phone bank for KokuaFTP fundraiser

  1. This is so amazing !!! Wow !!! They are so sweet to do this on their own time. Of course Alex has two phones, everyone
    would want to talk to him !! Once again, Scott is conspicuous by his absence.

    • LOL I did see in the video that people kept handing the phone to Alex…they were probably on the line going, I’ll donate TWICE as much if you let me speak to Alex… haha.

      Looks like they raised over 1.7 million dollars with the telethon. Awesome news for people in the Philippines!

      Deb thanks for compiling these and posting! ❤

      • Nicely put, ESS. I don’t think we have the right to judge what they do with their private time. More so even since we don’t know what they are doing at any given time. They are all real life people with commitments and things to do, just like us.

  2. Alex is so genuine (taking 2 phonecalls at the same time!!!) Kind and unique that it’s impossible not to love him…….I can’t say I’m proud of him , I feel more blessed of know about him and love him so much……..
    Love the gang joined him…..and hey! Steve and Wo Fat precisely side by side smiling!!!!!….., LOL! ……ironies of life.

      • I wanna see Alex as a judge on IronChef. I love that crazy show and Mark is hilarious as the Chairman. Plus Alex is a foodie, sometimes anyway, so he’d have a ball.

        And thanks for the video tip… Not clever of me to miss that… 😆

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