Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

Alex at the Louvre, courtesy of his old MySpace acct.

Personally, I think he should be immortalized in the Louvre.

Just throw that old “David” statue away… 😉



30 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. This face is the best piece of art 🙂 And, guess what?! The Louvre in Paris won’t even have to throw away the David statue to make room for Alex cause the statue is in Florence 😉

  2. I saw the David last August at the Uffizi in Florence and I have to admit he is really impressive!
    And then I saw Alex at SOTB in September and thought “David who?”
    Our Alex is much better looking 😉

  3. Alex immortalized in a statue like Michelangelo’s David statue is a great idea. I think any female artist and some male too, would volunteer to make the piece of art with him as the model. Louvre is a serious candidate to have a statue like that, but if the Galleria in Florence wins, and they put “Alex” next to “David” it would be so much fun to compare them. I would do it for sure!

    • I’m not really an ‘artist’, I’m more into photography…however, I could take up the profession if I had Alex as a model to work with. It would take me YEARS to perfect my skills though. I hope he’s patient.

      • Photography is also an art ESS and you’re really good. Please, save all the shoots and make many editings, specially the sepia ones……..sigh! …..if you need an asistant, I’m volunteer ;o)

  4. Haha, your comments are cracking me up! Alex should totally be immortalised in the David position – that is, nekkid, obvi. He’s got much more to show than David 😛

    • Forget the sitting position. He should have the “McGarrett” position, that is straight up (hee) tall and with his hands on his hips. 🙂

      PS…mahalo to my European art lovers and the fact check of where David is. I really had no idea, I was just being *funny*. lol.

      • The “sitting” position is the Rodin’s statue “the thinker”. David is standing, so we can admire him in all his glory. And can compare the size of the moose.

          • Ok, not only was I still half asleep when I started commenting on these this morning but I see the 2nd half of my comment right here was cut off, making me look even more like a loon! Gotta love it… 😉

            • You’re fine 🙂 I only know about David because I was just in Italy in September, saw him in the Academia in Florence. Wish it’d been Alex I’d seen instead. Alex, standing straight with hands on hips, thrusting his groin proudly forward, for all the world to see (and the world faints!)–the museum wouldn’t make any money because there’d be no flow of traffic, just one big adoring mass of melted goo. Talk about an “Aha!” moment. (sigh)

      • Yes! The McGarret position……and using only the thigh holster and instead of the slingshot, his gun……wow! That would be a hot contemporary version 😛

    • Don’t underestimate David boy, he’s got his own …….and hard in marble… :P…….no, seriously…..Michael Angelo created a beautiful warrior of God. :o)

  5. We’ll have to get Alex to Florence, Italy and not Paris, France to match him to the David (which, by the way, is magnificent!)! I don’t know if the world could handle such beauty!!

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