Pics from the Self Defense Seminar taught by @EganInoue and #AlexOLoughlin for charity

@monimoob and @juliehawaii  graciously gave us permission to share their pics from the self defense class. Mahalo friends 🙂

14 thoughts on “Pics from the Self Defense Seminar taught by @EganInoue and #AlexOLoughlin for charity

  1. They really had an amazing experience…….an extrasensorial butt experience for Moni. TY girls!! And the last two pictures just killed me ……..sigh!

  2. Wonderful pics so thanks for sharing. Always so wonderful to see how generous and giving he is of his time and the things he gets involved with. Makes me love him more every day.

  3. I would have needed CPR lessons if I’d been in this class!! These pictures are too wonderful , thank you to all those ladies who have shared such a special thing with us! I’m mighty grateful and more than a smidge jealous 🙂

  4. This is the prove that Monica, Julie, Amy, Miek, Z, and all the other ladies had a wonderful experience. And watching him so happy with them is awesome.
    Thank you lucky ladies for sharing your joy with us, specially Monica. You did a lot of questions, didn’t you? Smart girl!

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