White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin #TheDoctorIsIn

Dr. Andy with a special appearance of chest hair thanks to a wonderfully crooked scrub top.

Bravo everyone, bravo!!



28 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin #TheDoctorIsIn

  1. It’s got it all……..
    The eyes speaking volumes…
    A deep breath and a tiny nose flare…
    The mouth and the tongue teasing us….
    The chin dimples….sigh…..
    Oh how I wish for small wardrobe malfunctions more often….. 😛
    This is what dreams are made of!

    • It was trying to make a run for it and I approve. Too bad it only succeeded once during the show’s run. Maybe that was part of the problem. Dr. Andy should have been shirtless more often. Does he really need a shirt to do rounds on patients? Wouldn’t that be a good form of cardiac exercise for them?

  2. He’s saying “oh,babe, don’t say those things to me at work, you know there’s nothing I can do about it until later–I’ll be like this all day, unff”.

  3. Awwwwwh – I love Adorable Andy 🙂
    But, Ess, I think if he was doing the rounds shirtless he’d more likely be causing heart-attacks among his excited patients – at least the female ones 🙂

  4. Thank you Ess for bringing Dr. Andy back for White Hot Wednesday! I miss him so much. And this gif is awesome.

    Foyeur, once again you describe perfectly the gif.
    And thanks for your’s and Eumcfan’s comments. They made me laugh.

  5. I love all the Dr. Andy love!! yes, he’s been off our pages for far too long! I’ll try to rotate him in more often. Sometimes it’s just difficult with these other shows because they were so limited and I only have so many caps/gifs…I like to spread them out. Dr. Andy should never be that spread out though… well, you know. Unless he wants to be. *hee*

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