New Pic from the Self Defense Class #AlexOLoughlin

Participant Kathy shared this pic with Alex O’Loughlin’s Place FB page.

Thanks for sharing!

Self defense class_Alex_Kathy_AOLP


14 thoughts on “New Pic from the Self Defense Class #AlexOLoughlin

  1. LOL!!!! I do love this lady!!!……..she has a naughty Mcperv smile and Alex has his adorable but a little shy and frcking smile….I don’t know how to say this is english ….pero le metio mano al hombre y de remate le topo la boobie.!!!!!!…..LOL! She’s my heroine with red toes nails ;o)

  2. OMG she is squeezing his side! If she only had a little more time, perhaps she could have worked that hand down–a McPerv’s dream. He, on the other and, looks pretty tired but is being a good sport.

  3. She hugged HIM for us all, way to GO Kathy!
    I’m seriously proud of you hand, you did the right thing 😉 just hold it tight there!

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