Extended Promo #H50 – Ho’onani Makuakane (Honor Thy Father) 4.10 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

Thanks to CBS YouTube for the promo link: http://youtu.be/T5T5R9LsjYI

I hope this kid is supposed to be Grandpa McGarrett because I’m buying and paying with cash! He’s absolutely a younger (older) Steve (Alex). My excitement just increased 100 fold!!



33 thoughts on “Extended Promo #H50 – Ho’onani Makuakane (Honor Thy Father) 4.10 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

  1. OMG, his nose and mouth and shaded eyes looks so frkn hot in this white uniform, I’m totally crushed, either way!

  2. Oh my goodness. This was so great. He does look like Alex, but it would be a little odd if that were Steve McGarrett, didn’t he die on the Arizona? How will he ‘manage’ to that when he’s not on it? But I still hope it was him, that would be really cool.

    Great sneak peek. Thank you for posting, I wouldn’t have checked for a sneak before tomorrow, so this is a great treat before bed time. 🙂

    • THere is some debate whether that’s him or not, which is why I just said I hope he is because if it’s not GP McG, they really missed the boat on this one. That kid nailed Alex’s nuances at every turn….you can EASILY see the McG of today in those few seconds of film. I will be very sad if that’s not GPMcG because he just “feels” like a McGarrett to me!

      I guess there is time for him to make it over to the Arizona. He’s already halfway there probably by running down the street from the mess hall. You know those McG’s they run INTO the battle 😉

  3. December 7, 1941 was way way before I was born but for some reason it tears me up watching anything dealing with the attack on Pearl Harbor, it’s something I can’t explain even to myself. This is going to be the most emotional episode so far for H50 and there have been many in the past 3 seasons. I love the way Peter Lenkov pays homage to our military as well as the cast, crew, writers, directors and all involved. A special THANK YOU to the survivors who lived and had to live with the memories of those they lost that day.

  4. ugh wow, the feels. god bless the men and woman who sadly lost their lives that day.

    i automatically thought it was grandpa McG. all we know is that grandpa is still entombed in the Arizona. who’s to say he didn’t jump on board the Arizona and try to save some men.

  5. I think the very awesome young soldier (who does favor Alex!) is also the old man w/the survivor creds sitting on stage, whom Show immediately cuts to at the memorial service. Sadly, not McGrandpa. 😦 Tho surely, surely, somewhere in this epic, they will at least briefly grant us a glimpse of Steve McGarrett on the Arizona…surely!

    Tho truth is, that ship went down so fast…well, not much storytelling time once the attack begins. I can’t really even ponder that. Sigh.

    And yes, our McG looks beautiful, and dude is deep thinking. Not an easy day for him, pondering his grandaddy’s fate, either.
    This is so gonna make me cry.

  6. This papacito has to be poppa McG….and Steve doesn’t steal it, he inherits from his poppa the BAMF battle attitude ;0)…..and the handsome genes too 😛

  7. @gracenotpark “I think the very awesome young soldier (who does favor Alex!) is also the old man w/the survivor creds sitting on stage, whom Show immediately cuts to at the memorial service. Sadly, not McGrandpa. 😦 ” My thoughts exactly. First the eyes of the younger man in the flashback in slow motion and zooming in, than the eyes of the old man and zooming out of the picture. He remembers the scene.

    I think it will be an awesome episode. Very intense, very sad, and very epic. Is it friday yet????

    • I thought about that segue and it may or may not have meaning. Even if that was McG’s grandpa, it’s not like they can show him present day. The biggest thing to me is that in 4 yrs show hasn’t gotten anyone in the families to look like each other, Steve looks nothing like Mary, Momma or Poppa McG, Gracie doesn’t look anything like Danny, etc. Heck, even teenage Steve didn’t resemble 20 yr older Steve. .lol. So you mean to tell me they finally got someone who actually LOOKS like a McGarrett, acts like a McGarrett down to the nuances and he’s NOT a McG? oh that would just fit the show, wouldn’t it? lol. I think they spent too much time on this one kid for him not to have some kind of importance.

      Who knows, I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time. Dammit. haha

  8. I agree I hope they use him as GP McG – he certainly had our McG’s feel about him. This is going to be very powerful. I cried watching it. My dad was there…

  9. Last night I remembered something that I had seen somewhere about this episode, sadly, I also now don’t believe this is GP McGarrett and I think it’s tragic because this kid is screaming McG at me!

    I’ll tell you more when Kim’s rapp sheet comes out on Friday. 😉 *teaser*

  10. I’m sorry Ess, but i don’t think the boy is GP McGarrett because on October 21st, PL put a pic on twitter asking “Guess who?” and it’s a different man than this young man. I have mixed feelings about this episode. This long waiting doesn’t help either. If i’m always anxious and happy about a H50 episode, this part of history is very sad and we should never forget about it. Is Friday yet?

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