A few #H50 bts pics today from various sources #AlexOLoughlin

Big mahalo to these fans for sharing!

From KapioNews Instagram:

What does Alex O’Loughlin think about his job? The Kapi’o magazine will tell you! On stands now.#kapionews #magazine #alexoloughlin

****Update:  this was posted today but I think this is an old S1 bts pic and the info from the article seemed to be rehashed bits from S1 to last December. Definitely nothing new. 😦

121013 kapio news IG

From lenszxfaith Instagram:

Lol, so today we went to Tantalus & I was scared to go this time because of security and cops & I was wondering wtf is going on, let’s just leave, but my brother said “Just stay” & good thing we stayed because Hawaii Five-O was filming. #AlexOLoughlin

121013 lenszxfaith IG

9 thoughts on “A few #H50 bts pics today from various sources #AlexOLoughlin

  1. TY lucky fans!!……isn’t he so cute and humble when he talks about himself or his job? …..I adore he is so reachable and behave always as the guy next door; though my problem is that I’m not in the right one, lol!……..has somebody found out what is he eating using a plastic fork???!!!!. I JUST LOVE YOU, A0L!!!!

  2. Hahaha! That’s what I was wondering–some sort of rice dish? I really don’t know. And where the heck is he–on set?

    Love the girl on Tantalus–such a cute smile she has. And AOL coming up the hill by the tree–I have visions of tackling him and rolling backward with him down that hill. Security be damned!

    • LOL AlexNymph!! Indeed you would like to “roll” with him! You know rice is had for breakfast, lunch and dinner in most Hawaiian places. It’s a staple at pretty much every meal, which doesn’t mean that he eats it all the time but it’s probably offered.

  3. I can´t believe they are using plastic cutlery and paper plates. The amount of waste they must get, by feeding the crew daily, must be staggering? And where is his milk? He loves his milk LOL

    • Exactly Paula! I though the same and also that he seems used to and confortable eating that way……again, in a little detail, he reveals he’s an actor with his feet on the ground
      MocoLoco? What’s that?…….It looks like a kind of rice dish as Alexnymph said, maybe is Casamiento :o) (Marriage) a dish made with rice and beens, popular en Latin America……awww! I remember the interview where our baby said that he loves his milk ❤

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