@Monimoob shares a pic and tweets of her mom and #AlexOLoughlin

Our friend @Monimoob was in class at Egan’s Training Center.  Her mom was waiting for her and met a special guy.



She shared this info with me on twitter

  1. My mum & Alex! :)) Literally the COOLEST guy on planet earth!! http://instagram.com/p/hpJTjZLjRR/ 

  2. @HeyD50 Not @ USSMissouri but @ EgansFitnessCenter! Aftr we watched the epi I had 2 rush over for 1pm orientation & he was there @ center.:)

  3. Mom said she was “impressed w/Alex’s intelligence”. They chatted while I was in Bootcamp orientation. ♡ him evn mor 4 bein so nice to mom!:)

  4. Vry spesh day 2day. Mom & I had grt time @ PH ceremonies this morn, toured #MightyMo & watched #H50 4.10, & Mom got 2 meet & talk to Alex!:)

       Thanks @monimoob for sharing.  You and your mom are lucky ladies!

10 thoughts on “@Monimoob shares a pic and tweets of her mom and #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I am right behind you Paula!! Or next door to it, might be a better plan.

    I love that smile on Alex, such a little boy smile, Damm, how does he do that!! (Yeah I owe a dollar to the jar!!)

  2. Coolest,cutest and sweetest guy! Yes, he is special, particularly when he gives attention and care to others – he conquers everyone’s heart!

    Thank you for sharing this sweet pic and story.

  3. Ho hum…just another day in paradise! 😆
    I am both entranced and jealous.

    And I love all of y’all’s comments. Yes! Let’s all move into the gym! And yes! The sucker is painfully perfectly perfect!

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