Throwback Thursday #AlexOloughlin

Snowboarding  – I love that he’s on the “magic carpet” lift on the kiddie hill!



15 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOloughlin

  1. His hoodie says Mont Tremblant, which is in eastern Canada, so I always assumed he was there during filming of “Whiteout”. Alex, please don’t tell me you skied in jeans! Nothing cool about skiing in jeans (sorry, I live within an hour of 8 resorts and am a ski snob on this) 🙂

    • nice catch! didn’t notice that it was Tremblant! And, yes, as a skiier I noticed the jeans and cringed a bit ! but hey, he was trying it out!

      • I don´t think it is the shaka (apparently there´s only one proper way to do the shaka, this is not it). That´s more like making a gesture for heavy metal “Texas longhorn” is the term I just came across.

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