More pics from the Women’s Self Defense Seminar #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue

A few new pics from the Women’s Self Defense class taught by Egan and Alex on 11/17/13.  These are shared by AnneMeike van Heezik, who you might know shared her story here on Paula & FOYeur’s blog: AlexOLoughlin Intense Study.

Mahalo to Meiks for sharing her story and pics and of course, Alex and Egan for putting on this wonderful seminar.

111713 Annemieke van Heezik

111713 Annemieke van Heezik2

9 thoughts on “More pics from the Women’s Self Defense Seminar #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue

  1. Well having read Miek’s story, I have to say I’m so happy for her to have taken a chance with her trip and having it pay off some handsomely. It really is great to read other’s stories. Yes, I hope for a small moment one day, one time, etc. In the meantime, I can live vicariously through them 🙂

  2. It’s so great to read this stories….I’m so happy for you Mieks and of course for us you’re not what people said to you, for us you’re a a pretty example of a lovely fan to follow. Good for you sis!!!

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