A little #AlexOLoughlin to spice up your December calendars

Sorry these are a day late, with the long holiday weekend, I lost track of the end of the month! Guess I should look at my CALENDAR better! haha.

Many thanks to the lovely fans who put together these great calendars and shared with us.  If using, please credit accordingly. ❤


11 thoughts on “A little #AlexOLoughlin to spice up your December calendars

    • It’s not that difficult. The only thing is, at least for me, you need time. I for one haven’t done any fan art in ages, it’s more than a year now (OMG!). Above you can see the result. Not perfect, I’d say improvable. 😉

  1. Miracle, none are perfect, but perfectly wonderful!! 🙂 I always love to see how differently everyone sees Alex and how he’s used in the calendars. Yet we appreciate them all. So many different facets to choose from!

  2. I appreciate very much you took the time to do these beautiful calendars…..I can’t pick just one….ok, they are 16….I will put one each 2 days during december :0)

  3. I still can’t find the LOVE button… Ladies, great job 🙂 I really wish I had your skills…. btw, @Alexynay killed me!!!!
    Love you all ladies!!! xoxo

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