Happy Thanksgiving USA and beyond

As I started typing the title of the post, I giggled because if I’m correct, at least half if not more of the friends of H50BAMF are not in the USA. #GoWorld!!

Anyway, whether you are in the USA or not, it is never a bad thing to stop and give thanks.

Personally, I’m thankful that even though I still struggle, my health has been mending this year and all my family is alive and well.  My fangirl self is thankful that H50 has had a fabulous S4 and a successful move to Friday night.  I’m thankful Alex seems to be healthy and happy and enjoying his life with Malia and family to the fullest while still being the reponsible, thankful and gracious actor that we all know and appreciate. I’m thankful that every year people are looking beyond his good looks and celebrating the talent underneath.  I’m especially thankful for the increasing support and participation on the blog.  It is you all, who visit here each day and leave a little bit of yourself on these pages that make this all worthwhile.  I’m thankful to my fellow H50 fansites/blogs/pages that build up the H50 fandom by sharing, supporting and favoring ohana over drama.  I’d be remiss without giving special thanks to Kim & Deb for all their work on H50BAMF and for my friends Max, Sabrina, Silvia, Paula, Domi, Miracle, The H50 Oz girls, Titine, Sam, Anna, Kari and Wendie who unselfishly share all the treats they can find. Mahalo nui loa!  ***Please find their links on our homepage and support their sites!

Last but not least, my closest ohana, my Five-Ho’s.. you know who you are.

Besos, Mille bisous, Całuję Cię i ściskam, alles liebe, Haleja ja suukkoja, hugs and kisses or simply  (please forgive my poor translations)


31 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving USA and beyond

  1. Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! I’m thankful for H50BAMF! Always a ray of sunshine no matter how tough the day!
    Hugs and kisses right back at ya xxxx

  2. It’s a beautiful thanksgiving you have here, ESS, so let me give you and all fellow fangirls a huuuge thanks for all that you do ❤ You rock, ladies!!

  3. A very thoughtful post 🙂
    Thank you to you too for the hard work you put in the blog, it makes us happy and helps us to evade reality and find joy in our Alex/Five-0 bubble.
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! We all have a lot to be thankful for! Health, wealth – not monetarily – new friends but especially to ESS and her team for their devotion and hard work to all things Alex! Enjoy the day whatever you do!! 🍗❤️

  5. I said it some time ago on Paula and FOYeur site. And here I can wholeheartedly repeat myself. I love it here so much because it is all about Drooling With Respect!
    So Happy Thanksgiving to all the fangirls who celebrate. And especially to ESS, Kim, and the rest of the great team!

  6. I’m thankful for a fun and nutty (but in a great way) group of fans here and some on Twitter. I’m very grateful that Daniel, Alex, Scott and so many others are very giving to fans thereby making me really love them even more. And ESS, I’m thankful you allowed me to share a bit of some French vocabulary and show just “educational” Alex can be. 😉

  7. Perfect translation in French. Thank you to each one of you for your amazing job and to all the followers with the (cute, hilarious and lovely) comments. Keep going in 2014 and beyond!
    — Yasmine from Belgium

  8. I have so much in my life to be thankful for. But I wanted to tell you all that run this wonderful Site that I am so thankful to all of you for your diligent work and interesting topics, Fangirl excitment and everything else you keep doing that is always interesting and wonderful. You guys are the best, this site is the best!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!! Sue

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all, wherever in the world you are! H50 and Alex bring the world together. But ESS and her fellow bloggers facilitate. *Hugs* to you all.

  10. I’m thankful that there is a place where I finally feel comfortable enough to open the closet door, stick my 46-year old fangirl head out and tell the world I REALLY, REALLY LOVE Hawaii 5-0!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work and a great place to escape from the realities of life!

  11. I’m thankful for you and your great team, ESS. And for all the like-minded bloggers who adore and respect Alex so much. Hope you all have a great day and weekend. (karin@notmcnerd)

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. Have a safe and happy holiday (P.S. Canada’s celebrates in October!)

    I am thankful for this site and all the great posts and information. Love coming here. Thank you!!

    And Ladies (cough, cough) Alex is the Best. His smile, his generosity, his kindness. Thanks again!

  13. Today i’m thankful for your friendship, your dedication on this blog, your witty comments, your skills for pictures and gifs, that have the power to put a smile in my face everyday. I’m thankful for all the fun that amazing women around the world have here, sharing with passion, humor and joy their support to a great actor but most important a wonderful man.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    A new one for you Ess: Beijos!

  14. I’m thankful for this site and enjoy coming here every day. ESS, you and your friends do a great job and it’s great to share our many funny comments and sometimes not so funny. One thing we all have in common is our love and admiration for Alex as an actor and a human being.
    Happy Thanksgiving from the UK

  15. Happy thanksgiving!! In France, it does not exist officially but as for “are you ok? day” I decided to celebrate anyway (I don’t celebrate Halloween because here… it’s only for commercial purposes!) because I find these ideas of thanking and paying more attention to people so good and useful.

  16. Awww thank you soo much, Babes! :* Even I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving? I wish you all the blessing on that special day for you, it’s a pleasure to meet you :* ILY! :*

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in and out the USA, to everybody who is blessed with a thankful heart but specially to all of you, wonderful women who own this blog, I really thank you for the kind heart of sharing everything you know and have about Alex, I thank you because I feel in a big sisterhood with you sharing our love, devotion, admiration ….and of course and not less important our pervert thoughts, lol! about this man but above everything I thank you because this blog is a healthy place where envy, hate and malicious minds don’t exist. Besos y abrazos <3!!!!!

  18. As I’m someone who expresses many things through music and lyrics, there is a song that came to my mind: “Danke für diesen guten Morgen” (translated to “Thank You for every new good morning”). It describes what you could be thankful for: Happyness, sadness, friends, music, employment, every new morning and day… But the last sentence of the last verse I think is the most important one: Thank You, Lord, I want to thank You that I can thank.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, ESS, and to all who celebrate! May you all have a great day and weekend with your loved ones!

  19. Such beautiful comments but i ecpected nothiung less from this warm welcoming “,Mad about Alex “site/ Ess &CO thanks a million for all the good times and sharing I am THANKFUL for YOU!!!!! XOOX

  20. This is so thoughtful! We are all thankful for all the Alex sites! You girls do great work. And what makes them all work is the willingness to share info, pics etc. We all like to spread the Alex love! Thanks again!! 😀

  21. Was out of town for the holiday, just now reading your lovely thoughts ! We love and appreciate YOU SO MUCH ~~ Thanks a million times over for creating this wonderful blog we all enjoy so much !! Much love and happiness to everyone reading this ~ XOXOXO

  22. You all are the BEST!!! What lovely thoughts and wishes you all shared. ❤
    A big mahalo and welcome to the new girls who posted for the first time. Hope to get the opportunity to get to know you better.

    I too was offline all weekend was busier than expected so I'm just now online and catching up. I love to come back online and see that you all have continued to have fun and Deb has kept the new items posted and life goes on. *ohana*

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