New Pic of #AlexOLoughlin at Egan’s Self-Defense Seminar

From the Facebook page of Lori McCarney


Love that goofball face

Ms. McCarney is very fit looking as well!

9 thoughts on “New Pic of #AlexOLoughlin at Egan’s Self-Defense Seminar

  1. God that man! And kudos to the awesome, pretty, buff chick! I think she coulda taught the class a few moves.

  2. Guh! Still cannot get over this – do these women know how lucky they are, I’m sure they do!! Jealous of this lady in particular for sooo many reasons (I’d love her figure!!)

  3. I’m sure she would have given the 300 bucks no matters what could have been the subject of the seminar ( cooking, drawing, making origami)……just for the pleasure of being near to Alex because obviously, she doesn’t need to learn anything about self defense ;o)

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