Pic Spam #H50 4.09 – Hauʻoli Lā Hoʻomaikaʻi (Happy Thanksgiving) #AlexOLoughlin #CarolBurnett

Wow. Just. Wow. I’m one seriously happy fangirl!!  I’ve been a lifelong fan of Carol Burnett and I’ve seen her guest on other shows, other shows I’ve really loved, but this was her crowning performance IMO.  Top that off by putting her in a few emo scenes with Alex? Can we talk about how perfect they were together?  Alex shared the screen with a legend and he more than held his own. So PROUD of him!

I have to admit, I rarely ever cry at TV shows.  It’s only when I’m really involved in the human side of the character and don’t feel manipulated that I can really feel the emotions enough to cry and while I suspected I might get a bit teary eyed, I was unprepared for how much the tears flowed!!  Every time I watch, I cry more!!  I admit, this has a lot to do with Carol. I’ve just loved her since I was a child and this felt like I was really watching *family*, and she was there giving unconditional love to our Steve and Mary, who DESPERATELY needed it!! I felt like Steve and Mary, that we are lucky to make a few more memories with her.

Ok, so before I start crying again….let’s get down to it. I found it reallllly hard to find my funny this week as it was just such a poignant episode. Such great McGarrett family moments that the characters needed and we, as viewers have long deserved.  Yes, I saw McGarrett be his usual BAMF, topper, competitive and funny self…but I also saw a side to him that I haven’t seen before. Aunt Deb brought out something really special in Steve and it gave us a couple Steve/Mary moments that are truly priceless.  So here are some of my favorite screencaps.  A little funny, a little naughty, a little emo and a ton of pretty to round it out.  Hope you enjoy.

You know the drill! Click on the first cap and scroll through, feel free to leave your own comments.


23 thoughts on “Pic Spam #H50 4.09 – Hauʻoli Lā Hoʻomaikaʻi (Happy Thanksgiving) #AlexOLoughlin #CarolBurnett

    • You should feel very satisfied!! These poor young’uns who weren’t exposed to the brilliant bromance of Korman/Conway ….I feel bad for them! lol. They were so brilliant! (still are)

  1. These are just excellent! I love his face in the kitchen! so brotherly as if to say “it’s all your fault” or “you made me” I love it! He was so good in the whole episode. He looked sooo good in the suit! I always have loved Carol Burnett since childhood. In fact when I was like 7 or 8, I wrote her a fan letter!! Thanks so much for the lovely pics and gifs!! 😀

    • A fan letter! That’s so awesome!

      I think the arc they took Mary and Steve on in this episode was just right. started out with him being his usual disappointed in Mary, her as usual not doing something right (for whatever reason it was this week) but when it came down to it, his first instinct was to protect Mary. He told Danny it was going to destroy Mary, he was more worried for her than for his own emotions, as we would expect our Steve to be. Then at the end, he was there for her 100% in the flesh.

      That’s real “big brother” love…

  2. Once again, ESS . . . WOW 🙂 I totally agree with you about Carol Burnett — I, too, grew up watching her and she did not disappoint. And Alex . . . what can I say that you didn’t already say??? Absolutely LOVED him in this episode, and I loved all the Steve/Mary scenes. I have to say this might go down as my favorite episode EVER!!! Thanks again for all the pretty 🙂

    • I’ve been trying to let my emotions calm down before making the proclamation but I am close to agreeing with you. I think this may end up as my favorite episode as well.

  3. I’ve left several comments around about how much I love this episode but ESS I think you summed it up perfectly “Proud”. No doubt I lust after Alex but there is a valid reason (right???). This man decided what he wanted his life to be like and went for it. His on and offscreen presence seems to be about pleasing the fans so he can continue on his journey. I don’t get the sense that he’s bored with the role and Alex continues to find a way to grow as an actor in the confines of McGarrett. We are witnessing each week the ways the show and character can grow.

    I am so “Proud” of the man and “Proud” to be a McPerv.

  4. I grew up watching Carol too! Now we know why she’s the legend that she is! Alex does emo like no one else! I laughed and cried with him! The best episode ever. The best picspam ever!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! It was a great episode with great performances! In your screen cap pic of Carol where you say “she is going to kill” I thought of her role in Annie as Miss Hannigan! She always said “kill”. Anyway, really enjoying the season. I just wish Steve and Catherine would be more comfortable and open when talking about their relationship. What’s that about?
    Happy Thanksgiving to all and to Kristi, I hope you have a day full of wonderful moments!

    • I think in this particular instance, I’m assuming you’re talking about Catherine introducing herself to Aunt Deb, I think was more a timing thing. THe moment wasn’t about her, it was about comforting and helping someone Steve loved (his Aunt Deb). They hadn’t met before and considering what Aunt Deb just went through, she probably didn’t want to be all “hey, I”m steve’s live in girlfriend and blah blah…” I thought it was a nice touch. Obviously the had the talk/confession very soon afterward because Aunt Deb knew the drill by the time they sat at the beach together.

      STILL…I agree. It’s old, it’s stupid and all the actions and emotions are there so go ahead and stop making a big deal over the words.

  6. Loved this episode. My favourite to date of this season. Alex rocked it out of the park from funny to emotional to tough. That’s why I love his acting. The scenes between Steve and Mary are some of the best. Brotherly love shone through. I’m not really emotional but I cried.
    Loved the opening scene with the ohana football game.
    Thanks ESS for the pics and your words. Going back to watch it again.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all

  7. It was a wonderful episode and a awesome picspam. The gifs left me speechless.
    If i love to hate “mom” Doris, i deeply love aunty Deb. She shows in a couple scenes how much she cares, worries and love Steve and Mary. I really hope she come back to hug her favorite nephew, making him smile like in this episode (i’m not counting the tears). A wish scene is Deb with Doris.
    This episode is a winner in my heart. This season is being great! TY

    PS: Kristi, i hope you’ll have the best Thanksgiving. Hugs

  8. A great episode full of laughter and tears and ‘ohana moments. Alex is so great in it with all the emotions. He – what do you use to describe it? – knocked it out of the ballpark.

    Thanks ESS for all the great pics!

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