Mary Bryant – planned discussion 12/29/13 #AlexOLoughlin

A few months ago it was requested that we do a watch/discussion of Alex’s early work Mary Bryant. Hey, Alex was nominated for an AFI and Logie award for his work in this project so I should definitely take a look. As a Two Parter, it has just been a matter of making time for it.

So now that S4 of H50 is firmly under way and we’ll be heading into some down time with show, lets go ahead and plan. Why don’t we plan Mary Bryant P1 discussion for the Sunday Post on 12/29/13. That gives those who want to watch and participate time to find it and watch it.


Mary Bryant Pt 1
Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013

Part 2 to be scheduled when we know more about Jan’s H50 schedule.


31 thoughts on “Mary Bryant – planned discussion 12/29/13 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I’m so excited about this. Mostly because it gives me a a good reason to do another rewatch of this great little mini-series…and to once again enjoy one of Alex’s best performances. And of course hear that sexy thick Aussie accent. Gah!
    *runs to circle Dec 29 on calendar*

  2. I’ve never seen MB, so quite excited about this! I love the group chats, someone always highlights something I didn’t spot/didn’t think of! Thank you xx

  3. For anyone that doesn’t have the movie, the first time I watched MB, it was in ten minute parts at a time on YouTube. But I had to watch out and go by the same person who put it up. I tell you it was worth the two parts of ten minutes and then go find the next ten…He is awsome in this film and adorable and hot! I will say no more forgot the discussion is on teh 29th, not sure if I can make it, company will be staying with me.

    • Sue, no worries. It’s not a discussion where we all have to be online at the same time. On the 29th I’ll post my recap and some pics (of course) šŸ™‚ and will post a few discussion questions. Everyone can chime in with their comments as they get time. I know with the holidays it will be better for some and worse for others for timing, so just join in when you can. I’ve heard a lot of love for this so I’m looking forward to watching it.

  4. great!!!…….hope to be able to accomadate to your time………………uhmmmm….looking Alex in this pics you realize how much he has changed from a beautiful youngish aussie boy to the gorgeous man he is now….as I say: he has already 37 years old, but Lord he has them very good fitted!!!!

    • Totally understand. I do my fangirling while my husband travels. šŸ˜‰ AGain, it’s not that we have to all be on at the same time so you can log on the following Monday and still join in fine.

  5. In other news, you girls with the generic Avi’s…do you want me to help you create one? If so, email me a few choice pics and I’ll make one for you. It can be anything you want…

  6. I’m so happy that you accepted the challenge of a watch/discussion of Mary Bryant mini-series. I think every Alex fan should watch it, so i’m looking forward to read all comments. Be aware that Alex isn’t in the leading role, only third. But you will enjoy a awesome performance.

  7. I’m in!! Loved Mary Bryant and had nobody to share so many feelings about it and…him!!
    BTW Ess, I remember I told you we had a deal : “if you watch MB, I’ll watch Feed”. OMG, i’ll have to keep my word…what was I thinking!?

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