CBS and H50 Cares – PSA for Typhoon Haiyan #AlexOLouglin #DanielDaeKim #ChiMcBride

A couple Public Service Announcements to benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines.

Videos courtesy of CBS YouTube. Not sure if these can be viewed internationally.

Updated with 2 new videos:

Click on hyperlink to view video.
Alex and Daniel

Chi McBride

Thanks to our friend @LanieMcGarrett for this link that should work internationally…

UPDATED 11/27/13:  Thanks to @miracle, here is an internationally viewable link for ALL PSA’s, even a few that I hadn’t seen before.


8 thoughts on “CBS and H50 Cares – PSA for Typhoon Haiyan #AlexOLouglin #DanielDaeKim #ChiMcBride

  1. My Grahd children are half Filipino and very beautiful, this means SO much that Alex Daniel and Chi are doing this. of course Malia is part filipino also so this hits “Home” for Alex. My city and church are working hand a pn hand with a shiping company and we have already donated Money supplies and food. Whereever you are PLEASE donate. the need is VERY great. THANK YOU, and many thank to ESS for posting this

    • This is a really important emergency response moment. I’ve seen some of the footage and it is just desperate in some areas. Good on your church, honey. Mine is working on it too. Good luck to those in need tonite.

  2. the video is blocked for seeing in my country :0(……they are TV heroes in fiction but in RL too…….hope they can recover soon and I’m sure they will receive all the help and support they need.

  3. Naughty Mary, you are so sweet! I have donated. Thank you so much ESS for bring this to us all. Prayers go out to everyone affected by this disaster.

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